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Drone mapping software for agriculture, Pix4Dfields


Advanced agriculture mapping software for aerial crop analysis and digital farming

BACKGROUND Pix4Dmapper workflow
  • Capture images using the advanced drone agriculture mapping software, Pix4Dfields
  • Monitor crop growth using Pix4Dfields agriculture mapping software
  • Scout crop with drone to detect how different areas of the field are growing using Pix4Dfields
  • Analyze and visualize agriculture data collected from drones using Pix4Dfields field mapping software
  • Share crop growth instantly using Pix4Dfields uav mapping software
  • Integrate your results and outputs with the farming management software of your choice
Monitor the progress of your crops using Pix4Dfields field mapping software
Collect images using a drone and any standard RGB or a selected multispectral camera like Parrot Sequoia+ and MicaSense RedEdge. Use our Pix4Dcapture app to easily plan and control your drone flight for optimal mapping.
Process any aerial field imagery locally or in the cloud using Pix4Dfields field mapping software
Process imagery with the instant processing engine and get your maps directly in the field: 6.8 GB, 2948 images, 10 min (with the new radiometry module).
Crop scouting and inspection with drones without leaving the field using Pix4Dfields analyzing software
Generate precise orthomosaics, digital surface models, index maps, zones and accurate prescription maps. Trim your fields to a desired field boundary to create more targeted outputs.
Scout crop with drones to detect how different areas of crop field are growing using Pix4Dfields agriculture mapping software
Visualize and understand your crop growth stages and stress levels. Analyze and compare different layers of information for a full insight of your yield performance and use them to increase crop production and reduce costs.
Share field maps and 3d models instantly using Pix4Dfiels
Share your maps with all project stakeholders for seamless collaboration using Pix4Dfields PDF report tool.
Import field insights into a farm management software to reduce production costs, track operations, and run a more profitable farm.
Download all outputs, results and insights and import them into the Farming Management Software of your choice in various industry standard formats.

Precision agriculture mapping using images from drones and UAVs

The only digital agriculture software focusing on reducing the processing time while incorporating the highest accuracy standards backed up with years of scientific research.

Create accurate maps and models of your field
In-Field Results
Create maps rapidly (no internet connection required) for faster decision making and action, without leaving the field.
Instant process field images taken from drones
Reliable Maps
Always get maps of your fields and crops at any critical stage regardless of satellite availability and cloud cover.
accurate results
Trusted Results
Eliminate guesswork by analyzing crop health maps and measure issues using calibrated multispectral or full resolution RGB images.
synchronize everything
Connect your data to platforms like the John Deere Operations Center, synchronize and access your data in-office and in-field for streamlined collaboration.
improving agriculture workflow with Pix4Dfields


Bridging the gap between planting and harvesting

In this free webinar, hosted by Pix4D with 4Rivers Equipment and John Deere, you will discover how to bridge the uncertainty gap and improve your agricultural workflows with Pix4Dfields software and a drone.

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Use Pix4Dfields to create prescription maps and maximize crop yields

Create accurate field maps, generate insights and analyze field data in real time to increase crop productivity

Inspect, analyze and visualize your crop changes all year round
Fast mapping
Process imagery with the Pix4Dfields instant processing engine and achieve results in minutes in-office and in-field. No internet required.
Inspect, analyze and visualize your crop changes all year round
  • Map your field faster using drones and Pix4dfields photogrammetry software
    Fast mapping
  • Monitor crop health using agriculture indices and Pix4dfields aerial mapping software
    Generate indices
  • Establish accurate farming zones using Pix4Dfields aerial imagery software
    Zonate and prescribe
  • Measure crop performance by comparing agriculture field map layers
  • Analyse only the area of interest for a more in-depth agricultural inspection
    Measure and Annotate
  • Use PDF report tool to share fast your field maps using Pix4Dfields
    Export PDF report
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Use aerial images to make the invisible, visible

Import images from any drone or UAV, captured with standard RGB or selected multispectral cameras

Multispectral images from drones for crop mapping
Multispectral images
RGB cameras for agriculture mapping with drones
RGB cameras, drone images
Accurate 3d maps of your field using farming uav and modified camera
Modified cameras
Use any camera and farm mapping software
Other cameras

Create and analyze real time maps of your crops to enhance your agriculture workflow

Easily scout your farm and generate the appropriate output for your needs

orthomosaic output for agriculture mapping using ag drone
agriculture field boundaries output
Field boundaries
vegetation index map output for agriculture
Vegetation index map
digital surface model output for agriculture
Digital surface model
agricultural zonation map output
Zonation map
prescription map output for precision agriculture
Prescription map
See all outputs

Smart farming use cases

Cotton harvester at Mast Farms

Creating variable rates for Pix application on a cotton farm

Learn how Mast Farms in Mississipi is using a Quantix Mapper drone and Pix4Dfields to create variable rates for applying Pix efficiently and quickly on their cotton farm.

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Ndvi map of a field

Pix4Dfields 1.8:
Introducing advanced layer visualization

With Pix4Dfields 1.8 you can focus only on the data that is important to you, including histogram equalization, dynamic range, and more display and color modes.

Update now >
track in a agriculture field

Pix4Dfields and John Deere: Unlocking new possibilities

We talked to Nick Guadagnoli, Technology Solutions Manager for 4Rivers Equipment, about what this integration means in practice and which are the benefits.

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