The Open Photogrammetry Format

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What is the OPF?

OPF stands for ‘open photogrammetry format’ - a new standard in photogrammetry, aimed at exchange and collaboration.

OPF is a specification for a flexible and extensible format that stores all of the data related to a reconstructed 3D model made with photogrammetry. It is an open, standardized, and free file format.

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Facilitate photogrammetry research and collaboration with OPF

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Enable collaboration

OPF’s open format enables transparency, reproducibility, and collaboration between various stakeholders.

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Use with NeRF

Create high-quality 3D models with NeRFs and OPF, opening new possibilities for research.

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Streamline innovation

The combined power of PIX4Dcatch, PIX4Dmatic and OPF opens up exciting opportunities for innovation.

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Capture drone data or terrestrial data with PIX4Dcatch RTK workflow.

Remote Sensing


Download images and import to PIX4Dmatic for processing.

Convert to OPF

Convert project to OPF and leverage the power of OPF with Pix4D’s open source Python tools.


Resource library: leverage the power of OPFs

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Find tools and use cases in the pyopf resource library, get inspiration and learn more:

  1. Github Pix4D OPF specification
  2. Github Pix4D open source Python tools
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Who can benefit and how?


OPFs can be used to showcase the in-depth structure of modern photogrammetric projects and enable tweaking of the various assets generated.


Enable the building of new technology based on photogrammetry outputs with OPF, or develop new photogrammetry algorithms that can easily be used by others.


Third-party users can develop their own techniques for tailoring OPF to add new shareability functions.

Discover the potential of the OPF

Pix4D Labs: Meet OPF - the PDF of photogrammetry

Pix4D Labs: Meet OPF - the PDF of photogrammetry

Pix4D is launching a brand new standard for the exchange of photogrammetry projects called OPF. Discover what it is and how it works!

Exploring photogrammetry and NeRFs with OPF

Exploring photogrammetry and NeRFs with OPF

Explore OPF's power and seamless integration into photogrammetry workflows, such as utilizing NeRF when rendering 3D scenes.

Pix4D unveils new open standard for photogrammetric data

Pix4D unveils new open standard for photogrammetric data

OPF is a fully open and free specification, enabling the storage and exchange of photogrammetric data among different parties and software products, even if they are developed by different companies.

OPF Datasets

OPF projects and downloadable datasets

Nadir drone project

Nadir drone project

Terrestrial scan with lidar data - PIX4Dcatch

Terrestrial scan with lidar data - PIX4Dcatch

Terrestrial scan - PIX4Dcatch

Terrestrial scan - PIX4Dcatch

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