HEA BLO GEO asphalt stockpile volume measurements
Keeping track: monthly stockpile measurements with drones
Asphalt, one of the most widely used construction materials, is often stored in stockpiles. Drones help track deposits and withdrawals.
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Skymap partnership China
Pix4D announces partnership with Skymap China
Pix4D announces entering into an exclusive reseller partnership with Beijing Skymap Technology Co., Ltd. for mainland China
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HEA BLO AGR building-an-agricultural-drone
Will it fly? Students building their own agriculture drones
There are many benefits to using drones in the classroom. A school in Oregon built their own drone to help their agricultural community.
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HEA BLO GEO mapping-suburban-italy
Drone mapping for new bicycle tourism routes in Italy
Urban surveying can be a challenge when planning new infrastructure. Discover how Studio Dryos surveyed a suburban area in Italy.
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HEA BLOG GEO Panama-Flying-Labs-visuals
Rising sea levels: relocating indigenous people in Panama
How can drone mapping help an overpopulated island threatened by climate change off the Panama coast? Enter PIX4Dmapper.
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HEA BLOG GEO PIX4Dsurvey 1.14 Release Landscape
PIX4Dsurvey 1.14: ASPRS classes and vectorizing from images
The latest release of PIX4Dsurvey allows users to better tailor their workflows, including ASPRS classes and sorting classes by color.
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UAV imaging: the future of yield prediction research
With crop management research, the crop yield is the most important information. Drone mapping provides the answers.
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HEA BLOG GEO Pix4Dmatic 1.15 Release
PIX4Dmatic 1.15: Arbitrary Coordinate Systems and more!
The latest version of PIX4Dmatic brings arbitrary coordinate system support, automated features and faster densification.
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HEA BLO APP PIX4Dcatch challenge
PIX4Dcatch: the Community Challenge winners!
We had the PIX4Dcatch Community Challenge so you could share your projects with us - here are the winners, voted for by our Jury.
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HEA BLOG GEO Pix4Dmapper French Lycee V2
Case study: how to plan successful photogrammetry workshops
The Cantau college uses PIX4Dmapper to train professional surveyors. They ran a workshop in Cameroon to share knowledge with other students.
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Pix4Dinspect release june 2021 hero
PIX4Dinspect: your wrap-up of the latest release
The newest PIX4Dinspect updates make virtual inspections even more efficient with new AI capabilities, a new type of asset, and much more.
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When less is more: streamlining telecom inspections
When less is more: streamlining telecom inspections
Drones in telecom inspections save time and keep teams safe whilst producing actionable and accurate 3D models.
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