SOCC BLOG GEO Spectrofly Use Case
Marine ecosystem mapping with drones and photogrammetry
Specialized drone pilots are using drone surveys to research coastal environments with aerial mapping to learn more about these ecosystems.
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A light in the dark: drone mapping for light pollution
A city in Sweden was re-evaluating its lights - and drone mapping at night made it possible to see the bigger picture.
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HEA BLO CORP HurricaneIan Use Case RAPIDversion
Damage assessment after Hurricane Ian with drones
After natural disasters, the priority becomes rescue, recovery, and safety. This is how drones assisted after Hurricane Ian.
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HEA BLO CLO Ocean Cleanup
The Ocean Cleanup at work with Pix4D in Malaysia
Find out how dedicated drone pilots and analysts are using aerial mapping to fight plastic pollution in water around the world.
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HEA BLOG GEO building new roads drone mapping
Building new roads with drone mapping in India
New roads require new maps to track progress and follow strict laws - which is where drone mapping is saving time.
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HEA BLO CORP Hitachi JP Use Case
Stockpile management on a custom platform with PIX4Dengine
Managing stockpiles can require intense manual labour - but it's made easier with this custom platform built with PIX4Dengine.
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HEA BLO CORP Sony Airpeak
PIX4Dmapper now supports the Sony Alpha 7RV - 24/35mm
Images taken with the SONY Airpeak S1 drone can be processed with Pix4D products including PIX4Dmapper.
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HEA BLOG AGR Rs Skog Norway Use Case
Designing a forest road project in one day with PIX4Dfields
A forestry service provider in Norway is reducing working hours and costs by managing a forest infrastructure project with PIX4Dfields
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HEA BLOG GEO Fighting soil erosion Malawi 2
Fighting soil erosion in Malawi with drone mapping
Healthy soil is critical to the prosperity of ecosystems - from plants, to insects, to large animals, and humans. But soil is under threat.
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HEA BLOG GEO Sunbelt Surveyors Interview (1)
Interviewing a surveyor: how mobile scanning changes it all
Our interview with a career surveyor sheds light onto how scanning with a smartphone is bringing a new dimension to the surveying sector.
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HEA BLO APP Pix4DcapturePro Release (1)
Unlocking the sky: meet PIX4Dcapture Pro & Mission Planner
Our new flight planning app and mission planning tool will help you take to the skies and optimize data capture for aerial mapping.
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HEA BLO GEO Giacomo Orsellina
Digital cadastral surveys with drones and photogrammetry
To update land and property boundary records, this team set out to use drone mapping with PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey.
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