HEA drone-survey-for-rooftop-solar-panel-installation
Drone survey for solar panel installation on rooftops
By using Pix4Dsurvey for the installation of solar panels on a roof, the Borbas team reduced their digitizing efforts by 50%
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HEA BLO INS 5G-tower-inspection V3
Distributed inspection to keep the 5G roll-out rolling
Good connectivity has never been more important. Cell tower technicians have a vital role to play.
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HEA BLO CORP tree-planting-drone
A tree planting drone to re-green the world
Trees are carbon-sequestering machines and are essential to combat the climate crisis. Photogrammetry and drones can plant trees faster.
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HEA BLO agriculture-in-times-of-uncertainty
Agriculture worldwide in times of uncertainty
We asked the agriculture industry professionals what impact has COVID-19 had in their region and on the global food supply.
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ebook for crane camera
[Ebook] Pushing the limits of construction monitoring
Explore some of the most common construction challenges and learn how to overcome them with a smart tool for construction monitoring
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HEA BLO AGR from-crop-data-to-farm-insights
Interview with senseFly: crop data to farm insights
Pix4D and senseFly sat down to discuss the importance of drone mapping and in-fields fast processing in digital agriculture.
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HEA BLO precision-agriculture-increase-productivity
How precision agriculture helps increase productivity
A Mexican drone company helped a banana farm increase their productivity by 30% using precision agriculture techniques and Pix4Dfields
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Site surveying for a controlled implosion
Before the Brayton Point cooling towers could be demolished by controlled explosion, the team needed an up to date site plan.
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 Pix4Dfields - John-Deere operation center webinar
[Webinar] How to improve your agricultural workflow
Watch now our free webinar on how to boost your agricultural workflows using Pix4Dfields and John Deere operations center.
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SOCC WEBN CORP RB 2020 Landscape
[Webinar] Presenting Pix4D’s new professional products
Watch now our free webinar on demand to discover the new industry-specific Pix4D products and what the future of drone mapping holds.
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HEA BLO EMR drone-collision-reconstruction-webinar
[Webinar] Collision reconstruction with Pix4Dmapper
After a traffic incident, it’s up to the authorities to discover exactly what went wrong. Drones and Pix4Dmapper can help.
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Pix4Dmapper raycloud interface
Faster processing with Pix4Dmapper 4.5
The new Pix4Dmapper 4.5 offers survey-grade deliverables faster than ever before.
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