HEA BLO EMR Queensland floods
How farming was affected by the Queensland 2022 floods
The Queensland floods in February 2022 saw over a year’s worth of rain fall in a week. Learn how drone mapping measured the damage to farms.
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HEA BLO GEO PIX4Dsurvey 1.35 Release
PIX4Dsurvey 1.35: profiles, sections and essential exports!
PIX4Dsurvey 1.35 is now available and includes profiles and sections creation, essential exports for professionals, and much more!
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HEA BLO GEO PIX4Dmatic 1.35 Release
PIX4Dmatic 1.35: view your mesh!
PIX4Dmatic has a brand new mesh viewer! See your 3D meshes with either textured or shaded mode. Check out the rest of the updates.
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What to expect at the 2022 Pix4D User Conference
Check out the upcoming talks from expert speakers, Pix4D product specialists, and what to expect from our 2022 User Conference.
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HEA BLOG GEO GeoDesign Use case contour lines
Surveying 10,500 hectares with a drone and PIX4Dmatic
A massive drone mapping project needed an orthomosaic and digital terrain model. For work on this scale, PIX4Dmatic was the only option.
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Header Motorola Solutions streamline Telecom inspections with PIX4Dinspect
How PIX4Dinspect is helping Motorola Solutions move faster
Creating digital twins with aerial inspections, PIX4Dscan and PIX4Dinspect are streamlining operations for major telecom operators.
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HEA BLO AGR Makubetsu 2022
Using drones to empower agricultural support services
PIX4Dfields is being used by farmers in Makubetsu, Japan, to monitor uneven growth in wheat fields by creating vegetation indices.
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Inspection wrap up hero
A step further: bringing BIM to telecom tower models
Pix4D’s new Scan-to-BIM service has created an enhanced digital twin of a telecom tower in Switzerland.
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HEA DigitalTwins 2022 RD1
Introducing Pix4D’s new service: Scan-to-BIM
This new service offers Pix4D users the option to enhance their digital twins with BIM-level detail to get as-constructed BIM models
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HEA CLO Pix4Dcloud Release 2022
PIX4Dcloud August 2022 release: meet the new features
Improve your workflows, get better site visualization and improve stakeholder collaboration across your project lifecycle.
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HEA BLO CON Trimble connect header
Introducing PIX4Dcloud integration to Trimble Connect
PIX4Dcloud and PIX4Dcloud Advanced are now integrated into Trimble Connect to offer you a seamless workflow and save you time.
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PIX4Dinspect August release
PIX4Dinspect latest release: automated rooftop measurements
Forget about the manual, time-consuming rooftop measurements - with the new PIX4Dinspect AI algorithms measurements are now fully automated
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