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Turn your mobile device into a professional 3D scanner.

3D scanner app for ios
3D scanner app for android

From underground utilities to forensics, create a model of your scanned objects for use in different industries

Underground utilities

Underground utilities

Create geolocalized open trenches models by simply walking around them. Accurately document and calculate volumes for invoicing.

As-built measurements and 3D models


Quickly and accurately collect, process, and visualize as-built measurements and 3D models, even in the most demanding conditions.

Digital surface models, point clouds, 3D models


Complete an entire survey in a few minutes and create a 3D point cloud, a digital surface model, and a true orthomosaic of your area.

Clear picture for investigators and forensic teams


Efficiently build accurate 3D collision scenes, add detailed measurements, and share insights with major forensic software platforms.

What is PIX4Dcatch?

PIX4Dcatch is a mobile application designed for iOS and Android devices which enables you to take images of a scene, ready to be converted into a 3D model geolocated and in real time.

High quality 3D outputs from your pocket

Utilize the power of photogrammetry technology to reconstruct reality in 3D

Easy capturing
Easy to use
  • Use your phone or your tablet
  • Walk around your subject of interest
  • Real time information and real-time 3D meshing
Capture precise images by changing angle, overlap and flight speed
Fast and reliable
  • Saves your current position
  • Generates scaled and georeferenced 3D outputs
  • A complete and accurate 3D model
Pix4D ecosystem integration
Everything done with Pix4D products
  • Export, process, or analyze your project
  • Choose among the many Pix4D products
  • PIX4Dcloud to share your project and measure volumes
BACK Generic workflow Lighter
  • Capture ground data
    Capture ground data
  • Track progress
    Ensure completeness
  • Pause and restart
    Pause and restart
  • Finish project and upload
recording video
Capture ground data
Walk along or around the area of interest. PIX4Dcatch automatically records video frames with positional and orientation information.
Track progress with catch
Ensure completeness
Thanks to augmented reality, get live feedback on the covered area and the completeness of the scan with a 3D mesh layer overlayed on the video frame (only on Apple iPad Pro and Apple iPhone Pro equipped with LiDAR sensor).
Pause and continue
Pause and restart
Pause the recording at any time. The augmented reality feedback remains on your device’s screen and shows you which parts have already been covered.
upload images to cloud and inspect models
Upload the captured images to PIX4Dcloud or export them to PIX4Dmapper or PIX4Dmatic to generate accurate, measurable and easy to share 3D models and point clouds.

Elevate 3D scanning with the power of RTK and photogrammetry on a mobile device

The viDoc RTK rover connects your smartphone to any NTRIP service of your choice to get RTK accuracy without a mobile station, for a fraction of the time and price.

Discover viDoc RTK rover for PIX4Dcatch

Accurate 3D models from ground images

Scan, export and edit your target object and easily share it with anyone

Pix4D Raycloud phtogrammetry software on a screen
Pix4Dcloud: online platform for site progress tracking

Upload your images to PIX4Dcloud

With a PIX4Dcloud license*, automatically upload your images from the app for processing on the cloud. Use our photogrammetry platform to annotate, measure and share your model to make collaboration easier.

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PIx4Dmatic onterface
Pix4Dmatic logo

Export your data to PIX4Dmatic

Export your data to PIX4Dmatic to process your results on your desktop. Take advantage of cutting-edge technology as PIX4Dmatic lets you choose between using depth or dense point clouds, or fusing the two. Get an accurate 3D model, with both LiDAR and photogrammetry data.

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view of the reforestation projects
Pix4Dmapper logo

Export your images to PIX4Dmapper

With a PIX4Dmapper license, export your images via an online file storage solution or a hard drive, for processing on your desktop. Combine your ground and drone-based images for a complete and accurate 3D representation of the scene using photogrammetry.

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Explore demo projects

3D model of underground utility
Trench excavation mapping
3D model of construction stockpile
Stockpile volume calculation
Collision scene reconstruction

Supported devices

PIX4Dcatch is available on all iOS (version 15.0 and up) and Android devices (version 9 and up). However, it is optimized for the Apple iPad Pro and Apple iPhone Pro since they're equipped with a LiDAR scanner that enables a live preview of the scan’s progress to completion with augmented reality.

ipad pro & iphone

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excavation site

Eliminating on-site inspections with mobile 3D scanning

Discover how construction companies save time and money by sharing site updates directly with clients, using a mobile device and PIX4Dcatch.

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Meet PIX4Dcatch 1.4:
A new era for handheld surveying

The latest PIX4Dcatch release brings a plethora of updated and new functionalities, meant to revolutionize your workflows. Discover them now!

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pix4dcatch running on an ipad

Why should you be using PIX4Dcatch for site scanning?

Do you wonder what the benefits are? What difference can a handheld device make to terrestrial data collection?

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3D scanner app for ios

3D scanner app for android