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Elevate education and academic research with photogrammetry

Teach photogrammetry with Pix4D
Use PIX4Dmapper’s unique rayCloud™ environment to demonstrate the principles of photogrammetry. Show PIX4Dfields's simple and intuitive interface to demonstrate the benefits of generating maps in minutes in the fields for crop analysis.
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“Together with Pix4D, scientists believe that this data will fill some important knowledge gaps and provide time series and spatial resolutions previously not achievable.”

Daniel Ierodiaconou, Senior Lecturer, Deakin University Australia

“Pix4D has been a great tool to us at MTSU, and the videos from the Video Academy are spectacular”

Douglas Campbell, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations Manager, Middle Tennessee State University

“My team is using Pix4D to manage, mosaic, and analyze large quantities of drone imagery captured over a variety of California landscapes. We’ve been flying to image vegetation communities under drought stress; post-fire landscapes; and critical agricultural crops. Pix4D makes it easy to assemble large data cubes of high resolution imagery for high spatio-temporal imagery analysis, particularly in regard to vegetation (phenology, links with hydrology, climate change).”

Maggi Kelly, Professor and CE Specialist, UC Berkeley

“Pix4D software is a valuable photogrammetric suite which enables our students to process their own data set. They realize the complexity of the image processing chain and they feel fascinated when they get nice outputs for their projects. The quality control report is also used in this training activity and they are aware of the importance to assess the accuracy of the final product.”

Pierre-Yves Gillieron, Professor, EPFL

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We are providing teachers and students the tools and support to move their research forward.

  • Perpetual desktop application for up to 25 devices
  • Includes all commercial software benefits
  • Add extra student licenses for the year or the semester (optional)
  • Includes access to a rich lab manual to help you prepare your classes

Educational terms and conditions apply


We are offering educational institutions the chance to teach advanced agriculture mapping technology.

  • Perpetual desktop application with floating license (use on 1 device)
  • Includes all commercial software benefits
  • Unlimited desktop processing
  • Includes support and updates

Educational terms and conditions apply


We are allowing educational institutions to work with Pix4Dcloud for data processing, visualization and sharing.

  • Yearly license
  • Includes all commercial software benefits
  • Includes support and updates

Educational terms and conditions apply


We offer educational institutions the chance to teach the next-generation photogrammetry software for terrestrial, corridor and large scale mapping.

  • Desktop application with floating license (use on 1 device)
  • Includes personal support and updates
  • Unlimited desktop processing

Educational terms and conditions apply


We allow educational institutions to create engineering-ready CAD vector files from point cloud data by extracting key elements of the project with PIX4Dsurvey.

  • Desktop application with floating license (use on 1 device)
  • Includes personal support and updates

Educational terms and conditions apply

Pix4D course material for education

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Using photogrammetry in research

Thermal mapping using photogrammetry

UAS Research Poster Competition: Thermal mapping the ocean

Learn how the the University of North Carolina in Wilmington addressed the ambiguity associated with groundwater discharge sources using drones and thermal mapping and won the award.

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Mapping the Kilauea volcanic eruption with drones

Using drones to map the Kilauea volcanic eruption

Learn how Dr Ryan Perroy from the University of Hawaii at Hilo and his team of students and staff used drones to map the lava flow and help mitigate the effects of the disaster.

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Drones helped in mapping Hawaiis volcano erruption in minutes

Mapping 3,000 meters underwater with videogrammetry

The seabed is one of the last places on earth which is relatively untouched by humans. Learn how a team from the Senckenberg Institute created a 3D model from video footage to study it.

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