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The online platform for drone mapping, progress tracking, and site documentation

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  • Drone and the Crane Camera
  • Process images on the cloud
  • analyze site progress
  • Share drone data and results
  • export to third-party software
Process images on the cloud
Automatically process your images on the cloud using photogrammetry algorithms to transform them into measurable deliverables.
Generate accurate and georeferenced orthomosaics, 3D meshes, point clouds, and elevation models.
Analyze site progress on the cloud
Visualize, monitor and document site progress using an intuitive interface, a timeline, and built-in measurement tools, accessible online from any device or location, on a collaborative cloud-based platform.
Share drone data and results
With a simple URL, share the results with your team or clients to ensure seamless information flow and greater collaboration.
export to third-party software
Download all outputs and export to third-party CAD and BIM software for further steps.
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Professional photogrammetry on the cloud

accurate results
Accurate results
Rely on Pix4D’s processing algorithms to get the survey-grade results you expect. Choose the AutoGCPs feature for even greater accuracy.
easy analysis
Analysis made easy
Get an instant view of any jobsite from anywhere, on your browser, in 2D and 3D, with results you can measure, explore, compare, share and collaborate on.
up-to-date documentation
Up-to-date documentation
Keep a permanent and up-to-date record of the project and resolve disputes efficiently.
Map, measure, and document the progress of your site
Improve accuracy
Boost your project accuracy with the AutoGCPs feature, automatically marking GCPs without manual intervention
Map, measure, and document the progress of your site
  • automatic Ground Control Points, GCPs
    Improve accuracy
  • visual timeline
    Timeline analysis
  • Volume calculation
    Calculate and compare volumes
  • Overlay plans and maps
    Overlay design plans and maps
  • overtime comparison
    Compare image maps over time
  • Virtual inspection tool
    Virtual inspections
  • share with a click
    Measure, annotate and share
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Choose the right solution for your needs

  • Create accurate 2D maps and 3D models from images
  • Measure distances, areas, and volumes
  • Add annotations
  • Generate elevation profiles
  • Perform virtual inspections
  • Share with team and stakeholders
Pix4Dcloud Advanced
Pix4Dcloud Advanced
All Pix4Dcloud features, plus:
  • Track and document site progress with visual Timeline
  • Increase accuracy with AutoGCPs
  • Compare volumes over time
  • Overlay design plans and maps
  • Compare two image maps to see what has changed
Pix4Dcloud or Pix4Dcloud Advanced interface and features, plus:
  • Pix4Dengine Cloud API access
  • Custom integration
  • Custom storage
  • Pay per use

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How companies use cloud-based mapping in their daily operations

Strabag uses Pix4D drone mapping software for their construction projects

How Strabag saves time in construction projects with drones

Every construction site is different and has its own challenges. Drone mapping helps make planning, monitoring and documenting more efficient.

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Crane Camera: maximizing space in a constricted area

Crane Camera: maximizing space in a constricted area

Planning and monitoring construction projects in tight urban areas is a challenge. That’s why The Beck Group relies on the Crane Camera solution.

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Boost 4d project management using drone mapping

Boosting 4D project management with drone mapping

"There is a gap between the schedule and the reality in the field, the two are rarely connected. Now with drone mapping we make that connection happen."

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