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Turn your Apple mobile device into a professional 3D scanner

3D scanner app for ios

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  • Capture ground data
    Capture ground data
  • Track progress
    Track progress
  • Pause and restart
    Pause and restart
  • Finish project and upload
recording video
Capture ground data
Walk along or around the area of interest. Pix4Dcatch automatically records video frames with position and orientation information.
Track progress with catch
Track progress
Thanks to augmented reality, get live feedback on the covered area and the completeness of the scan with a 3D mesh layer overlayed on the video frame (only on iPad Pro with Lidar sensor).
Pause and continue
Pause and restart
Pause the recording at any time. The augmented reality feedback remains on your device’s screen and shows you which parts have been covered already.
upload images to cloud and inspect models
Upload the captured images to Pix4Dcloud or export them to Pix4Dmapper to generate accurate and easy to share 3D models and point clouds. Measure distances, areas, and volumes, and perform virtual inspections.

3D from your pocket, wherever you are

Easy capturing
Easy capturing
Everyone can get only the data that matters to create ground 3D models, with one tap. Scanning is done with real-time 3D meshing for scene completion feedback.
Capture precise images by changing angle, overlap and flight speed
Actionable data
Unlike a standard video, Pix4Dcatch takes advantage of the GPS and IMU data from the iOS device for the generation of scaled and georeferenced 3D outputs.
Pix4D ecosystem integration
Integrated in Pix4D’s ecosystem
As part of the Pix4D’s products ecosystem, Pix4Dcatch enables users to expand their business offering, creating ground 3D models within no time.

Create 3D models from ground images

Pix4D's Raycloud photogrammetry software on a screen

Upload your images to Pix4Dcloud

With a Pix4Dcloud license*, automatically upload your images from the app for processing on the cloud. Annotate, measure and share your model to make collaboration easier.

*Your cloud allowance will be debited based on the number of images processed.

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Export your images to Pix4Dmapper

With a Pix4Dmapper license, export your images via an online file storage solution or a hard drive, for processing on your desktop. Combine your ground and drone-based images for a complete and accurate 3D representation of the scene.

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Pix4D's Raycloud photogrammetry software on a screen

Explore 3D spaces captured with an iPad

Supported devices

Pix4Dcatch is optimized for the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max equipped with a LiDAR scanner, giving a live feedback of the scan completion with augmented reality. It can also be used for image recording with any iOS device above version 13.4.1.

ipad pro & iphone

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