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"Evolution favours eyes that perceive the world in 3D"

Christoph Strecha, Founder and CEO of Pix4D

At Pix4D, we believe that image-based techniques will give intelligent eyes to robotics of the future.

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Who are we?

Pix4D is a market leader in photogrammetry software technology.

Our products enable you to digitize reality and measure from images taken from planes, drones, phones, or any other camera.

We revolutionize photogrammetry, so you can scale up and unleash the power of your imagery.

We are where you are

55,000+ active users

More than 570,000 km2 mapped in 2019 (yeah, that's over 140 million acres)

60% of employees dedicated to R&D

26 languages, 7 locations, 25 nationalities

Rooted in research

Research is in our DNA. It was there when we were founded back in 2011 and it's still a priority today.

We believe that R&D is the key to pushing the boundaries of modern photogrammetry. Our team includes scientists, engineers, and photogrammetry specialists.

Our team members don’t just contribute to our software. They contribute to the world’s scientific knowledge.

Read papers published by the Pix4D team:

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What drives us

People first
People first
People are the foundation of Pix4D. We may not always agree, but we ensure that dignity, fairness, and respect underpin every conversation at Pix4D. We are inclusive because diversity is a key part of our strength.
One team
We value team spirit because we succeed and fail together as a company. We support each other to build trust. We learn from one another. We are open to disagreement and strive for constructive communication.
Leadership and Autonomy
Leadership and autonomy
We strive for a culture of autonomy and self-reliance. We are excited to solve difficult challenges with the most simple and valuable solutions.
Data + context + analysis = understanding
Data + context + analysis = understanding
We collect data ethically to anchor our understanding. We analyze that data rigorously with a wider contextual awareness to make the best decisions.
Be efficient
Be efficient
We strive to do more with less. We continuously optimize our organization, our work, and our processes to be more efficient.
Think customer
Think customer
We are driven to provide value for our customers. We work tirelessly to exceed their expectations by improving Pix4D products and anticipating their needs.
Be fearless and think ahead
Be fearless and think ahead
We take bold steps to reinvent our business, every day. We challenge our assumptions and push each other to achieve our best. We learn and improve thanks to our decisions, mistakes, and successes.
Quality and Trust
Quality and trust
Our commitment to quality is fundamental to achieving our customers' trust. Our customers do some of the most critical jobs in society. They rely on us for accurate data and analysis. Quality is everywhere in our organization: in the way we build products, the way we treat our customers and our colleagues, the way we pay attention to defects and their elimination, and in the way we use our language to respect others.
Act ethically
Act ethically
The success of Pix4D is connected to the health of society. We engage the world as responsible corporate citizens. We deal with customers, partners, and our fellow employees in a socially and environmentally sensitive manner.


Pix4D S.A. Route de Renens 24 1008 Prilly, Switzerland Sales: +41 21 552 05 90 Administration: +41 21 552 05 96 From Monday to Friday during business hours. Our timezones:

  • CET for Swiss HQ, Berlin office, Madrid office
  • MST for Denver office
  • UTC+9 for Tokyo office
  • GMT+3 for Bucharest Office
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United States

Pix4D Inc. Denver 4643 S. Ulster Street, Suite 230 Denver, CO 80237 +1 720 204 8069
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Pix4D GmbH Alte Jakobstraße 85,86 10179 Berlin, Germany +49 30 403666270
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Pix4D Spain S.L. Calle de Goya 36, 28001 Madrid, Spain +34 (0) 644 824 725
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Pix4D Co., Ltd. H1O Shibuya Jinnan 905, 1-5-6 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku 150-0041 Tokyo, Japan
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Pix4D Romania S.R.L 15, Charles de Gaulle Plaza 3rd floor Bucharest 011857, Romania
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