viDoc RTK rover
for selected iPhone and Android devices

The future of single point measurement with 3D scanning

DigitalBau innovation award winner
DigitalBau innovation award winner
Accuracy Certified By Bureau Veritas
Accuracy Certified By Bureau Veritas

Use viDoc RTK rover to document trenches with PIX4Dcatch

See how you can digitize and document trenches and as-built objects on construction sites

Use a handheld RTK rover to elevate single point measurement with 3D scans

Pix4D's Raycloud photogrammetry software on a screen

Multiple options for accurate point measurement

Measure with the laser, photogrammetry, or attach it to a surveying rod.

Measure obstructed points

Complete data collection without missing anything that may be obstructed by objects like trees or overhangs.

Pix4D's Raycloud photogrammetry software on a screen

viDoc RTK rover

Accurate and safe measurement methods

Get your measurements and reduce risks - cut unnecessary trench visits, etc. Make data collection safer.

The viDoc RTK rover with PIX4Dcatch:

Accurate surveying with a mobile device

operational planning
Easy field-to-finish workflows
Easy digitalization with Pix4D software that can measure single points or create line work from data capture.
operational planning
RTK positioning rover for 3D scanning
viDoc RTK rover pairs with the PIX4Dcatch to geotag images of the 3D scan in real-time using NTRIP services
document the project
Enhanced mobile data collection
viDoc connects to over 600 channels (including all major constellations such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, etc.) which results in convergence in under 5 seconds.
Identify errors
Replacing complex workflows
Ground surveying equipment like laser scanners can be expensive, bulky, and highly technical. Drones can be restricted by regulations. Overcome the obstacles with a handheld rover.
resolve disputes
A complete, accurate workflow in your hands
The viDoc, the smartphone, PIX4Dcatch, and PIX4Dcloud. An end-to-end solution that gets measurements at centimeter level absolute accuracy.
Improve collaboration
Intuitive feel and structure
Easy for anyone to collect points or complete an accurate 3D scan. The handheld rover combines with mobile software to create digital twins as fast as possible.
vidoc rtk rover

See it for yourself

Request a live demo of the viDoc RTK Rover solution near you. Join us on a tradeshow or a specific viDoc workshop. Learn about the device, how it works, and get all your questions answered in an on-site live session.

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Unleashing the potential of RTK

underground pipelines with viDoc RTK rover

Surveying underground pipelines with viDoc RTK rover

The viDoc RTK rover is saving time and improving construction workflows, boosting productivity for HSC Pipeline Engineering in Singapore

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LiDAR and photogrammetry 3D bridge model turkey

Joint LiDAR and photogrammetry workflow for 3D bridge model

Using specialized handheld hardware for site scanning with RTK accuracy helped capture, process, and vectorize a historic stone bridge.

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viDoc RTK rover provides an accurate terrestrial site scan of the building

Which is best? The viDoc RTK or the P1 and DJI Matrice 300

How can you know whether to use a drone or a terrestrial rover - the viDoc? One team compared the results of both to test the accuracy.

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Explore demo projects

3D model of construction site in St. Joseph, Lausanne
Monitoring concrete pouring with viDoc
3D model of construction site in Renens
Accurate underground mapping with viDoc

What viDoc RTK users are saying

"The combination of PIX4Dcatch, viDoc, and PIX4Dcloud has enabled us to create high quality 3D scans that are geospatially accurate and easy to share with stakeholders. Not only is the workflow intuitive and seamless, but it is also at a fraction of the cost of other multi-part solutions available on the market."

Mr. Shane Shi , Managing Director of HSC in Singapore

“I didn’t need to use any other software for processing. PIX4Dmatic automatically identifies project data and uses depth maps from PIX4Dcatch which provides very useful outputs.”

Yiğit Yüksel , Surveyor at Atay Turkey

Supported devices

The viDoc RTK rover for PIX4Dcatch is specially designed for accurately capturing 3D spaces from the ground with selected iOS devices equipped with LiDAR sensors, but also works with other selected models, including Android devices.

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- Read the technical data specifications
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ipad pro & iphone
Make the ground surveys simpler and faster
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