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Drone and terrestrial mapping for public safety

Transform images into 2D and 3D digital evidence

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Pix4D solutions for public safety

Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction with drones

  1. Unparalleled accuracy - recreate scenes in 3D
  2. Works with imperfect imagery - adapt to the data collected
  3. Create true-to-fact models for trustworthy legal investigations
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Terrestrial Scene Resconstruction

Terrestrial scene reconstruction

  1. Portable RTK rover attached to mobile devices
  2. Fast data collection with mobile scanning
  3. 3D realtime results to check scene completion

Emergency response

Emergency response

  1. Fast 2D mapping for firefighting, disaster response or search and rescue
  2. Fast deployment and sharable GeoTIFF outputs
  3. Free sharing via cloud service

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Why use photogrammetry in public safety?

Fast scene documentation using drone mapping
Fast documentation
Speed up scene documentation and tactical reconnaissance operations.
Drone mapping takes a fraction of the time of traditional scene documentation or terrain recognition methods.
3D reconstruction from multiple images in full detail
Revisit the scene in 3D
Investigators, forensic experts, insurance agents and jury members can revisit the scene at any time and from any location.
Digitally record and access the full scene in detail. Secure local processing and online sharing.
Analyze precise evidence from drone images
Precise, irrefutable evidence
Rely on accurate, precise, and georeferenced photogrammetric outputs, not on manual field notes.
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Accident background

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Latest news about public safety and drone mapping

Aerial Crime Investigation

Mapping a crime: Visual Law talk forensic photogrammetry

Mark Johnson and his company Visual Law use photogrammetry to recreate crime scenes and incidents for legal investigation in extreme detail.

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Flying over warehouse fire

PIX4Dreact in the field: flying over a warehouse fire

Fire responses require speed, accuracy and control - drones and PIX4Dreact combine this with the pilot’s cool head under pressure.

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Rescue drone flying

Interview: how a firefighter is using drones in US cities

Our interview with career firefighter John Wakie talks about the challenges of drones, working with them, and success with aerial mapping.

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Discover how drones and specialized photogrammetry software are helping save lives and keep people safe

Drones in public safety: the bigger picture

Drones are rapidly becoming a standard tool for public safety teams. This eBook shares workflows and examples for public safety and drones.

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Webinars about drone mapping in public safety

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Learn how Pix4D software can help you

Photogrammetry software for professional drone mapping
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Photogrammetry on a large scale

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Pix4Dmapper: the leading photogrammetry software for professional drone mapping
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The leading photogrammetry software for professional drone mapping.

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Drone mapping for emergency response
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2D fast-mapping for emergency response.

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The future of single point measurement with 3D scanning.

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