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The forensics solution
transforming 3D collision reconstruction with speed and precision

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How to successfully plan your agricultural spray drone flight with PIX4Dfields


Explore Pix4D’s solutions for Collision Reconstruction and Forensics

Explore capturing scenes using your phone and drone with subject matter experts. Learn how to process, merge, and utilize data, export videos for sharing in court.

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Transforming challenges into solutions in forensics

Discover how Pix4D solves the common problems for Forensics teams

For Forensics time is crucial
Every 10-minute delay in clearing a collision increases risk of secondary collision by 28%. *According to the Federal Highway Administration

We provide the most time-efficient method that allows you to collect irrefutable evidence and accurately reconstruct 2D and 3D scenes.
The fastest and most affordable Forensics solution
Traditional forensics tools are not only expensive, but also delicate, demanding meticulous handling.

PIX4Dcatch RTK and PIX4Dmatic form the most affordable and precise 3D capture and reconstruction solution, equipping police teams with top-tier tools at minimal cost.
easy integration
Traditional tools have steep learning curves, complex setups, and need more personnel.

PIX4Dcatch RTK’s small size and intuitive usage help with the rapid clearance of collision scenes, whereas PIX4Dmatic enables you to deliver court-ready results with a minimal amount of training.
easy integration
Merge data
Drones face limits against adverse weather and overhanging objects.

With PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dcatch RTK, you can seamlessly merge ground-level 3D reconstructions with drone data to create a comprehensive reconstruction.
observing the accident scene to strategically plan the accident reconstruction

Analyze the scene

Understand the surroundings, highlight collision markings and place GCPs.

Drone survey

Capture the area of the collision to build a map of the surrounding area.

Flying drone to capture contextual collision scene
Scanning scene with iPhone and PIX4Dcatch RTK

Phone survey

Capture the collision scene and vehicles using PIX4Dcatch RTK for a highly detailed collision reconstruction including a detailed damage analysis.

Merge and Export

Merge the drone and phone surveys, deliver a 2D map with annotations, a court-ready video of the collision or export the dataset to any 3rd party software like Virtual Crash, PC Crash, Map360, Faro Zone 3D.

Detailed accident

Trusted by professionals

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"Using a drone, an iPhone with LiDAR, and PIX4Dmatic software our team can quickly and accurately document and clear a crash scene, restoring traffic flow and preventing additional collisions and injuries to first responders. Once the scene is processed in the PIX4Dmatic software, precise measurements can be obtained to complete our collision reconstruction for use in a court of law."

Trooper Jared Sharp, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Traffic Homicide Unit.