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Variable rate application

  • Define application zones based on crop health analysis with drone or satellite data
  • Prescription maps for fertilizer, growth regulator, and crop protection, compatible with tractors, sprayers & spray drones
  • Distribute inputs more efficiently to save costs and increase crop health and yield
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Spot spraying

  • Use AI to identify weeds and other areas of interest for precision application
  • High-resolution spot spraying maps for tractors, sprayers, and spray drones
  • Drastically reduce herbicide use and save money on every acre
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Magic tool

  • The Magic tool is powered by a machine learning algorithm developed by Pix4D that works offline and in the field. Using it can save a significant amount of resources for treatment applications by specifically identifying problem areas and helping the farmer plan spot-spray or spot-treatment applications.
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drone flying over an agriculture field

Crop damage assessment on a farmland with PIX4Dfields

Crop monitoring and damage assessment with accurate field data helps improve crop production in affected areas and prevents yield loss.

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drone flying over an agriculture field

How a farmer cuts costs by 56% with PIX4Dfields

Targeted herbicide applications of agricultural inputs help save costs whilst protecting soil health and the environment.

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damage from phragmites in an agriculture field

Identifying weeds covering 36% of a field with PIX4Dfields

Precision agriculture means using technology to optimize farming whilst saving resources. For almond orchards, that means optimizing yields.

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