How can you inspect a roof 10 times faster?

No more ladders, no more climbing, all you need is a drone and Pix4D software.

Now in just minutes with a drone and Pix4D software, you can get an online measurable 3D model, pinpoint elements, measure distances, calculate areas (incuding dimension walls or roofs), and share your annotated model with your team and clients.

Increase productivity and improve safety

Speed up the inspection process, and reduce the risk of work accidents and damage to the clients' property.

"Thanks to Pix4D, we don’t climb on roofs anymore and we make our measurements in 5 minutes instead of 60. Bringing better safety and higher productivity to the PV industry."-Nicolas Vodoz

Sunergic SA

Fly and get a measurable model in minutes

Using our

Pix4Dcapture app, create and fly a mapping mission, transfer the pictures to Pix4Dmapper Cloud, and get a model in minutes.

Inspect, measure and share

Navigate your 3D model, identify elements, measure distances and surfaces and share them with your team and clients.

Gif showing annotations in Pix4D.

Examine your model, add markers to pinpoint and label elements, measure and annotate lengths, heights, widths and surface areas.

When you share your 3D model, the person who receives it can explore it and visualize the annotations you added. Simple!

Stop climbing roofs today!
Inspect remotely with Pix4Dmapper

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