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Professional drone flight app for optimal inspection data

Professional drone flight app for optimal inspection data
BACKGROUND Generic workflow
  • pre-planned mission selector for asset inspection
    Select a mission
  • start your mission
    Start and fly
  • upload data to cloud
    Upload and inspect
semi-automatic flight specifically designed for cell towers
Select a mission
Select your pre-planned mission on your iOS device.
Pix4Dscan comes with built-in flight plans for vertical structures. It also includes an adaptable, semi-automatic flight specifically designed for cell towers.
automated drone inspection
Start and fly
Pix4Dscan guides you to set the right parameters for an actionable dataset. Track your mission's progress with map view or monitor live with camera view.
Pix4Dscan provides live telemetry data such as altitude, speed, gimbal pitch and more.
upload images to cloud and inspect models
Upload and inspect
Upload images to Pix4Dinspect to create accurate and easy to inspect 2D and 3D models.

Power your visual inspections

Fly with your iPad

simple and powerful workflow
Simple and powerful
Create and execute missions with just a few taps. Pix4Dscan guides you to acquire the data that matters.
get the best images for 3D models and inspection
Actionable data
Developed for inspections, Pix4Dscan is preloaded with mission plans to collect actionable data.
manual and automatic flights for asset inspection
Pix4Dscan offers both manual and automatic flights. It automatizes the mission to meet your specific needs.
BACK INS Grey-to-grey

Get the data you need with Pix4Dscan

Plan your drone flight with a tap

Choose the right flight for your inspection.

  • Cell Tower
  • Orbit
  • Cylinder
Which type of drone mission should I choose?
easy drone flight selection with a tap

Actionable images for inventory

Get the images you need to track inventory, without affecting processing.

Before an antenna can be repaired or replaced, detailed information is needed. With Cell Tower flight you can extract height, azimuth, downtilt, and plumb to identify your antenna model for inventory.

track inventory with images from drones

Experts in point cloud generation

Pix4Dscan’s missions work to get the best imagery for creating dense point clouds and 3D models. Work with your images in Pix4Dinspect for best results.

point cloud generation of a cell tower

Get the right data for towers inspection
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