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Automate industrial inspection and asset management with drone images

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  • Capture
  • Process
  • Inspect
  • Report
  • Store and share
    Store & share
  • Manage assets
Capture assets with drone or uav
Capture images of your asset.
If you are using a drone, automate flights and improve results with the Pix4Dscan app.
upload and process assets
Upload your imagery to Pix4Dinspect and automatically transform it into accurate and inspection-ready 3D models.
asset inspection in 3D and context
Inspect your asset in context and in 3D with both the original images and a detailed model.
Annotate and classify, take accurate measurements, and let our advanced AI help you in the process.
create and export automated reports
Save time with automatic reports.
Pix4Dinspect records, compiles and formats your annotations with positional information as you go. Export your report with just a click.
Store and share data on the cloud
Store & share
Work with many stakeholders and manage large quantities of data with ease. Pix4Dinspect is cloud-based and always-scalable.
Manage assets and portfolio
Use the map-based Asset Management platform to easily find your assets and linked inspection records.
Take control of your entire portfolio and support better decisions with historical, highly detailed records.
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Professional platform for visual inspection

Get reliable, shareable and archival results for better decision making

Streamline visual inspections
Streamline visual inspections
Visualize, analyze and report faster and more easily with photogrammetry and AI-powered inspection tools.
Simply manage your assets
Manage your inspection data
Access, manage and share your inspection data in a smart, simple and scalable platform.
Ensure your data security
Ensure data security
Pix4Dinspect works with AWS to offer a reliable and future-proof cloud platform that meets the requirements of the most risk-sensitive organizations.

Power your visual inspections

An automated solution that can grow with you
Automatic processing
Pix4D’s algorithms automatically transform drone images into accurate 3D models
An automated solution that can grow with you
  • automated processing
    Automatic processing
  • accurate results
    Dedicated inspection tools
  • AI powered analytics
    Advanced analytics
  • note reports
    Automatic reports
  • asset management platform
    Asset management platform
  • cloud

Harness the power of AI for visual inspection

cell-tower antennas

Pix4D’s dedicated machine learning algorithms can make your inspection faster and more efficient. Pix4Dinspect includes automatic antenna detection, and extraction of its height, dimensions, azimuth, downtilt and plumb.

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Visual inspection made virtual

Unterstützung von DJI- und Parrot-Drohnen
Pix4Dinspect currently supports RGB images from any DJI Phantom 4 and Anafi drones - and more inputs will be supported soon.
dedizierte Drohnenflug-App
End-to-end solution
Pair your Parrot drone with the dedicated Pix4Dscan flight app and take advantage of missions designed for inspection.

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Industrial inspection at scale

cell tower inspection
Cell tower
building and infrastructure inspection
chimney and cooling tower inspection
Cooling tower
bridge inspection
energy infrastructures inspection
Energy utility
dam inspection
And more
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