Award-winning work in mapping water temperatures
As groundwater seeps into the ocean, it can carry pollutants. Thermal mapping with Pix4D can reveal the source of the groundwater discharge.
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10 more reasons to attend the Pix4D User Conference
Pix4D users are the stars of the Pix4D User Conference. Meet the people who will lead the discussion on the latest tech.
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Precision agriculture on-demand with Pix4D Fusion
When a crop is damaged, there's no time to waste. The Pix4D Fusion program offers precision agriculture on-demand.
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Crane Camera solution for construction monitoring
Join us for a free webinar on the Pix4D Crane Camera solution - a fully autonomous alternative to drones in construction.
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Rebuild ready: 3D mapping a quake-damaged Cathedral
Surveying a damaged building can be dangerous. Mapping using drones reduces risk to staff and costs to the community.
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Photogrammetry training with Pix4D
The top 7 benefits of Pix4D training
Powerful software can come with a learning curve. Get up to speed faster with training from Pix4D.
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Mapping the ocean floor with photogrammetry and a Submarine
Mapping the seabed with underwater videogrammetry
3,000 meters underwater, an ecosystem is seen for the first time. A team of researchers created a 3D model to study and protect it.
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3D model created with drone mapping of the Paneveggio Natural Park after a windstorm
UAV rapid mapping after the Paneveggio forest windstorm
After a natural disaster devastated part of Northern Italy, Pix4D helped local authorities gain situational awareness in minutes.
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Landing page US - Crane Camera webinar
Crane Camera - an autonomous solution for construction
Join us for a free webinar on the Pix4D Crane Camera solution - a fully autonomous alternative to drones in construction monitoring.
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Crop-production-optimization with drones
Maximizing crop production using precision agriculture
A Mexican drone company helps local pineapple farmers reduce their operational cost by 30% with precision agriculture.
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Mapping climate change with drones
Climate change monitoring of glaciers with drones
Rural communities depend on glaciers for drinking water, power, and farming. But are those glaciers disappearing - and what happens next?
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Differences in ground resolution in aerial mapping
What is accuracy in an aerial mapping project?
As camera resolution has improved, so has our ability to digitize the world in greater accuracy than ever before.
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