Clearing the way: 3D modeling the Wabasha St landslide
Unstable rockslide debris closed a busy street and was a risk to both the public and engineers. A UAV was the best way to assess the site.
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Flying solo: a one-man 115km long aerial highway survey
Who owns the trees along a highway? When the roading authority and the local government can’t come to an agreement, drone maps can help.
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Digital agriculture with Parrot Bluegrass Fields
An end-to-end agricultural drone solution delivering insights to boost crop quality and maximize yields from Parrot and Pix4D.
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Do more GCPs equal more accurate drone maps?
Adding more ground control points takes time but means more accurate drone maps. Or does it? The Nevada DOT conducted a trial to find out.
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DJI Phantom 4 RTK: next gen accurate drone surveys
The DJI Phantom 4 RTK processed with Pix4D is a major step forward for photogrammetry.
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Mapping chimps: Drones and the future of conservation
Chimpanzees are one of our closest cousins - and are at risk of extinction. Drone mapping is giving them another chance.
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Boosting 4D project management with drone mapping
True 4D project management is achieved with a combination of BIM and drones.
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Optimizing the ROI of fungicides with NDVI imagery
White mold can destroy a season’s profits. Yet over-correcting is expensive. Can a custom variable-rate prescription map boost ROI?
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Volcanoes and caves: Mapping the past with Pix4D
How did ancient humans react to volcanic activity? With a National Geographic grant and Pix4D, a team of scientists is working to find out.
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Qatar’s Orbital Highway supercharged with Pix4Dengine
With ambitious construction goals for Qatar 2030 National Vision, Arcadis needed a streamlined workflow: Site Scan powered by Pix4Dengine.
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Forecast: the future of digital construction
How will new technology influence the future of digital construction? We asked the Pix4D Construction team for their predictions.
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Volume calculations on Pix4D Cloud
New on Pix4D Cloud: measure volumes in your 3D point cloud, 3D mesh, or orthomosaic, online on Pix4Dmapper and Pix4Dbim.
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