Measuring from a tight area - HERO
Crane Camera: maximizing space in a constricted area
Planning and monitoring construction projects in tight urban areas is a challenge. That’s why The Beck Group relies on the Crane Camera.
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HEA BLO AG precision-farming-drone-mapping
Cheers to precision farming: drone mapping a hop field
As revelers raise their glasses for St Patrick’s day, hop growers are refining more efficient techniques with drone mapping.
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Pix4D Agriculture Roadshow hero1
Revolutionizing farming with new agricultural tech
Precision agriculture is all about data. That includes sharing experiences of utilizing the new technologies for a better tomorrow.
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Free webinar: processing Large datasets in Pix4D photogrammetry software
Pushing the limits: mapping large areas with drones
Join us for a free webinar on processing unusually large datasets - over 150,000 images!
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Mapping the Kilauea volcanic eruption with drones
As lava flowed through Hawaii’s big island, drones and Pix4D helped map the disaster in minutes.
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HEA BLO EMR water-rescue-drone-mapping
Water rescues thanks to drone mapping
“When people fall into water, we need to get them out.” Essex police use the latest technology in their work - including drone mapping.
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HEA BLO CORP pix4d-loves-surveyors
Why Pix4D loves surveyors (and surveyors love it back)
Hint: it’s all about quality.
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Flying a quadcopter drone in a mine in Ukraine
Drones take off in Ukraine's mining industry
In an effort to improve worker safety and boost efficiency, the largest mining company in Ukraine launched a first for the country: drones.
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Reconstructing a complex structure with photogrammetry
‘Lots of pictures’: how to 3D model a complex structure
How can the most complicated project of a career also be the easiest to execute? The answer is good planning - and a lot of pictures.
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PwC's first drone stock audit completed 85% faster
Quality, efficiency - and drones. In a global first for the company, PwC UK has undertaken a stock count audit with drones and Pix4Dmapper.
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HEADER Dronemapping to improve lives in Zanzibar
Drone mapping to improve lives in Zanzibar
As Zanzibar grows at an unprecedented rate, an initiative was launched to map the island for good.
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Calling a drone a drone: the etymology of an industry
Every industry has its own vocabulary and the geospatial industry is no exception. We explore the etymology of drone, nadir and more.
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