HEA BLO INS InstaDrone Water tower Use case
Inspecting telecom assets installed on water towers
Instadrone needed to digitize a water tower for their client and was looking for the right tool for virtual inspection and asset management.
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HEA BLOG AGR TroyGibbs Use Case 2
A family farm: commemorating 40 years with a PIX4Dfields map
This heartwarming story is about a farm changing hands from father to son after 40 years - and how PIX4Dfields commemorated the event.
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IMA BLO AGR building-an-agricultural-drone custome-drone
5 key things we wish we knew before flying a drone
How can you avoid a big mistake for professional drone flights? Here are the top 5 things to know before take off.
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$100,000 saved: using PIX4Dcloud Advanced in construction
High rise buildings have high stakes risks if something goes wrong during construction - drones and PIX4Dcloud Advanced help avoid this.
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HEA BLO GEO PIX4Dmatic 1.27 Release (1)
PIX4Dmatic 1.27: region of interest and brand new features
The first stable release of the year for PIX4Dmatic includes new calibration templates and pipelines, a region of interest and more!
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HEA BLO GEO PIX4Dsurvey 1.26 Release
PIX4Dsurvey 1.26: new stockpile detection and more!
This PIX4Dsurvey release includes combined photogrammetry projects, extends volume measurement workflows with stockpile detection and more!
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HEA BLO CLO volcanic-eruptions
Monitoring a volcanic eruption with drones and PIX4Dcloud
On September 19th 2021, a volcano erupted on La Palma in the Canary Islands. Government officials used drones and photogrammetry to respond.
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How PIX4Dcloud Advanced boosts construction site management
Drone mapping can provide data about a construction site without halting or disrupting operations, saving money and time.
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HEA BLOG AGR Seegrass Use case
Aerial mapping of coastal ecosystems for restoration
How drone mapping a fragile coastal ecosystem is contributing to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to fight climate change.
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HEA CORP DeutscheBahn 2022
Pix4D Germany wins a competitive tender for Deutsche Bahn
Pix4D won a competitive tender to monitor railway infrastructure maintenance and construction in Germany.
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Inspecting transmission towers in PIX4Dinspect - Cegadrone - Hero
60% faster transmission tower inspections with drones
Thinking in 3D has led one company to cut their tower inspection times by 60% and overtaken competitors with the help of digital twins.
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HEA BLO AGR Pix4Dfields 1.11 Release V2
PIX4Dfields 1.11: detailed surface models
PIX4Dfields 1.11 introduces Accurate Processing for more insightful surface models and support for new cameras.
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