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Drone mapping and 3D modeling for mining

De-risk the mine site and drive profitability with image-based solutions

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Monitor your mining operation from a safe distance

Drones & 3D mapping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of critical data collection

Reduct operational risk
Reduce operational risk
Forecast geotechnical hazards such as rockbursts, water inflows and slope stability.
Supply chain management
Supply chain management
Smooth the supply chain with accurate and automatic stockpile volume calculation.
Asset Lifecycle management
Asset lifecycle management
Get a drone's-eye view of all your assets at every stage of their lifecycle.

Drones as mining equipment

Optimize mine site development

Optimize the layout of the mine facilities and infrastructure using regularly updated basemaps.

Make decisions and ensure development is completed as anticipated.

Identify and mitigate issues as they emerge.

An aerial map of a stockpile on a mine site

More informed decisions

Understand complex situations faster with rapid data collection and 3D mapping.

Pix4D software leverages computer vision, image-analysis and machine learning to create repeatable results ready for analysis and decision-making.

Automatic classification of buildings on a mine site

Smooth the permitting and application process

Generate high-resolution maps and accurate, interactive 3D models of the mine site to share with stakeholders and permitting authorities.

A quarry shown in with the Pix4D rayCloud.

Frequent forecasting and up-to-date reports

Produce more precise 3D stockpile models with highly accurate volume measurements.

Provide real-time updates on production progress and forecasts, stockpile sizes and composition.

automatic volume measurements of 3D stockpile models for mining
How drones and image-based mapping are ruling the mining industry

How drones and image-based mapping are transforming the mining industry

Find out how 3D mapping and analytics can increase supply chain efficiency, reduce operational risk and improve asset lifecycle management.


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