Pix4D on the road: Intergeo and more

The Pix4D team has been at Intergeo. But that's just the beginning…

Intergeo is one of the biggest events on the geospatial calendar. The 2019 conference attracted around 20,000 professionals from over 100 different countries. Pix4D was proud to be one of more than 680 exhibitors.

The Pix4D team at Intergeo 2019 welcomed thousands of visitors over the three-day event. Christoph Strecha, Founder and CEO of Pix4D, is standing far left.

We invited visitors to check out our products, and gave live demos of PIX4Dmapper and the rest of our software suite, including the new and exciting PIX4Dreact software.

The Pix4D team were happy to talk around some of the major themes of Intergeo 2019, including processing large projects. Other conversations at the conference included smart cities, building information modeling and the importance of putting information in the hands of local authorities.

Pix4D-ers Florian Muehlschlegel and Dimitrios Kalamakis stepped away from the booth to join the team at senseFly and demonstrate what can be done with drone data.

3D model of a coastline generated with Pix4Dmapper
Meet the experts: Pix4D-ers joined the team at senseFly to discuss projects mapped with the eBee

As well as welcoming thousands of visitors, the Pix4D team welcomed our Partners at an exclusive event.

Say cheese! Enjoying the Pix4D Partner Event at Intergeo 2019

Pix4D Partners support us by offering information about our products, giving training and face-to-face meetings in the markets and languages they know best. We support our Partners with training, information, and events like the meeting at Intergeo 2019. Find a Pix4D Partner near you or discover how to become a Pix4D Partner.

We’re also preparing for the second Pix4D User Conference. The lineup of speakers is as exciting as any other conference we’ve seen.

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