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Step 1 – become a Pix4D Referral Agent

Becoming a Pix4D Referral Agent is the first step to becoming a Pix4D Partner.

It allows both your company and Pix4D to assess if working together will be mutually rewarding.

Taking this step is also advisable if you have the opportunity to sell a handful of Pix4D licenses throughout the year, but do not actively intend to pursue customers.

What Pix4D offers

  • A low profit percentage on specified Pix4D products in exchange for client introductions.
  • A monthly newsletter, detailing upcoming events and product improvements.

No official commitment

  • No initial investment.
  • No sales targets.
  • No online endorsement.
  • Training not obligatory.


  • Upon discussion with Pix4D staff, a sales target will be set. If this sales target is achieved within a 12-month period, official partnership will be discussed.

Step 2 – become a Pix4D partner

Pix4D Partners form a trusted global extension of Pix4D by representing Pix4D in the regions and languages that they know best.

We dedicate a lot of effort to building and maintaining strong working relationships with our Partners. As a result, our Partners are committed to actively selling and promoting Pix4D. They are in regular contact with us to help develop our regional sales strategies.

Does this sound like an exciting and realistic opportunity for your company?

What Pix4D offers

  • A higher profit percentage on specified Pix4D products.
  • A monthly newsletter, detailing upcoming events and product improvements.
  • Access to a Partner Portal. This is a management hub for purchasing licenses, tracking sales, marketing material, support and communication.
  • Online endorsement as a Pix4D Partner.
  • Pix4D presence at key trade shows or events in your region.

Commitment is required

  • A strong sales ability. This is proven when a company achieves the sales target set whilst working as a Pix4D Referral Agent.
  • A sufficient understanding of Pix4D software. At least one member of staff must attend a Pix4D Workshop and pass the Pix4D certification exam.
  • A face-to-face meeting with Pix4D. This can be combined with a Pix4D User Workshop or other major event.

Concept of partnership

  • A Pix4D partnership contract must be signed by both Pix4D and the Pix4D partner.
  • A yearly sales target will be set by Pix4D.
  • A yearly plan for marketing, advertising and event attendance will be discussed.
  • The Pix4D partner must create a Pix4D webpage on their website.


  • Partner companies have the opportunity to work closely with Pix4D to help develop and profit from the growing industry of photogrammetry.

Become a Pix4D partner
Complete our initial questionnaire and a member of staff will contact you to discuss the next steps.