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the evolution of precision agriculture

The evolution of precision agriculture

Since the introduction of consumer drones in 2011, drone technology has made significant progress in terms of reliability, efficiency, and price. Drones have evolved from toys to tools for professionals in many different industries. In agriculture, drone-based remote sensing technology is a convenient, cost-efficient way to gain a complete and in-depth understanding of your fields.

Variable rate applications help farmers to reduce the operational expenses for agrochemicals while optimizing the yield at the same time. Studies forecast the potential of up to 80% savings in precision agriculture compared to conventional production methods. Compared to Yara’s N-Sensor or satellite data, drones and software analytics tools are cost-effective, avoid soil compaction, and are under almost all weather conditions available.

Benefits of using Pix4D and drone mapping for farm management

Target the problems while saving money

Take advantage of the multispectral data to uncover problems before they spread further. Target them efficiently by using the zonation and prescription tools.

Some customers have reported improving their crop production by 30% using Pix4D software and targeted inputs.

index and zonation map of an agriculture field

Collect data and create in-field maps

With PIX4Dcapture, or any other drone data capture app, you can collect your crop images whenever you need them regardless of cloud coverage.

Create maps completely offline, directly on your laptop. Your maps will be ready right there and prepared to guide the rest of your day in the field.

farmer flying a DJI phantom drone over an agriculture field

Optimize your time and efforts in the field

RGB maps provide critical high-resolution information that completes scouting a 200-acre field a matter of minutes.

Generate objective and accurate insurance reports when you need them the most. Confirm the topography dynamics of your fields using a digital surface model.

annotations showing flooding damage in agriculture mapping software

Report and connect with the rest of your tools in your operation

Export your maps and data layers in industry-standard formats. Upload them to your farming management platform of choice or directly into your tractor as a variable rate application map.

Generate PDF reports including the most up-to-date information from the field - for your own record and to collaborate with your teams.

farmer driving a tractor while monitoring a variable rate application map
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banana fields in Mexico

Bananas in Mexico

A Mexican drone company helped a banana farm increase their productivity by 30% using precision agriculture techniques and PIX4Dfields.

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Cotton in the US

Mast Farms LLC is using Quantix Mapper and PIX4Dfields to create variable rates for Pix application on their cotton farm.

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farmers harvesting rice in China

Rice in China

Hubei National Bureau of Statistics teamed up with Union Space to develop a rice yield estimation model using PIX4Dmapper.

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