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Sustainability in agriculture

Tackle the present society's agricultural needs in a sustainable way for a better future

Agricultural challenges

The worldwide agricultural industry will undergo substantial changes in the next few years. The protection of the environment and the fight against species extinction will lead to new technologies, laws and greater sustainability in our work processes and human behaviour.

At the same time, we expect the human population to reach 11 billion by 2100, with the majority of people living in cities. Sustainably feeding the world will become a key challenge for the future generations.

analyzing agriculture fields
agronomist analyzing where and how much fertilizer to put over crops to achieve more sustainable agriculture

Our solution

One answer to the challenge of the resulting higher food production demand, while minimizing the environmental footprint in arable farming, is the concept of variable rate applications. A detailed understanding of the growth state, stress factors, diseases, and pests for parts of a field or even individual crops will allow specific and “smart” applications of water, fertilizers, and pesticides according to the actual needs.

The principle of applying agrochemicals and water only where needed and up to the amount required will help reduce the environmental impact of arable food production while saving operational expenses for farmers.

Drone mapping for sustainable agriculture

Feeding generations in a sustainable way while protecting the planet

Environmental, biodiversity and ecosystem services are essential for achieving food security and nutrition now and in the future.

In order to protect our planet and secure a healthy environment for global food security, methodologies like precision agriculture play a key role towards improved sustainability.

Pix4Dfields supports sustainable plant cultivation

Conserve biodiversity and protect the environment for future generations

Agricultural sectors are major users of biodiversity and if managed sustainably, can contribute to important ecosystem functions like soil and habitat conservation, pest control, carbon sequestration and many more.

Instead of using greenhouse gas-emitting equipment or manual inspection, drones have been a more sustainable way to map and inspect agricultural areas. By analyzing factors such as vegetation growth and soil health, farmers are enabled to determine where intervention is required and if they should use more or less resources.

Pix4Dfields for biodiversity conservation

Sustainable arable farming helps you use less to achieve more

Farms and fields differ in size and crop species. Subsequently, every part of the field has different requirements. Pix4D offers software that classifies fields into different zones and enables knowing exactly where to apply more or less resources.

By having an action plan for using different zones, farmers can apply nitrogen, water or pesticides only where needed, resulting in saving time and valuable resource supplies.

using less to achieve more with variable rate application mapping

New tools for sustainable management practices and strategies

Collaboration in the agri-food supply chain for achieving sustainability is essential. Having the right tools speeds up the process of sharing and integrating the new practices but also helps to build the awareness around the importance of sustainability.

Spatial information helps to explain where, what and why certain things need to be done and visually aid to see the bigger picture of what fields and crops need.

using spatial information for sustainable strategy and management
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