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At Pix4D, we are committed to developing technology for sustainable agriculture to protect natural resources and the livelihoods of future generations.

Christoph Strecha, CEO of Pix4D

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Farm management

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Research and development

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Enhance the sustainability, productivity and profitability
of your agriculture operation

Turn drone images into field-insightful information using precision agriculture mapping software.

maps created using drone mapping software
Maps anywhere
Process offline and create unlimited digital maps of fields and trial plot stations.
detect plant stress or diseases
Early detection
Identify stress factors like pests or diseases in time. Guide your decisions to increase yield and profits, and improve efficiency.
efficient agriculture workflow
Efficient workflows
Plan site-specific fertilizer and crop protection applications, depending on plant needs.
environmental healthy agriculture
Targeted inputs
Contribute to environmentally friendly agriculture by only applying inputs where they are necessary.
Drones in agriculture: Seeing beyond the surface with smart farming

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Drones in agriculture:
Seeing beyond the surface with smart farming

Discover how using UAVs and specialized photogrammetry software can elevate precision agriculture to make farming and crop management as efficient and productive as possible.

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How drones are used in conservation and natural resource management

Join us for a discussion on how drones are used in conservation and natural resource management with the example of controlling an invasive wetland plant.

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Digital agriculture resources


Whitepaper: Multispectral image analysis in arable farming

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Webinars discussing benefits of drones and aerial crop mapping

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Explore our technical articles and use cases from farms all around the world

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Learn how Pix4D software can help your agricultural operation


Advanced photogrammetry software for measuring volume and creating 3D or digital surface models.

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Advanced agriculture mapping software for faster decision making and action, at any critical stage, without leaving the field.

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Programming modules to empower customization, automation and integration into any enterprise system workflows.

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Latest news about precision agriculture and drone mapping

flooded field in USA

Crop insurance

Floods or pest damage can decimate a season’s profits. Drone flights can provide rapid and accurate assessment for insurance compensation.

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tractor applying fertilizer to an agriculture field


Mast Farms LLC is using Quantix Mapper and PIX4Dfields to create variable rates for Pix application on their cotton farm.

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map of an agriculture field

Crop production

Precision agriculture and drone spraying helped to reduce the cost of a ripening agent by 20%, and achieve a 93% accuracy rate in sugarcane production forecast.

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