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UAV inspection and asset management

Drone scanning for faster and safer operations with maximum returns

Make the most of your images with photogrammetry and advanced analytics

photogrammetric workflow
The power of photogrammetry
Create a digital twin of your assets. Revisit and share with your stakeholders, make precise and georeferenced measurements and notes anytime, anywhere.
extract critical information automatically
Streamline visual inspections
Pix4D’s smart inspection tools speed up your work and reduce the number of images you need to inspect by automatically extracting critical information.
drone flight app specially designed for inspection
Automatic reports
Get all of the information about your inspections thanks to automatically generated reports that contain all of your annotations. Save time and money spent writing reports.

PIX4Dinspection - webinar streamlining telecom inspections


In this webinar, we have teamed up with Motorola Solutions to discuss how digital twins are adding tremendous value to their work by improving inspection efficiency and safety, which is accelerating decision making.

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Industrial inspection and management at scale

Take off with a professional drone flight app engineered for inspection

PIX4Dscan is the professional drone flight app for industrial inspection that can help you capture the right dataset.

Preloaded with mission plans, PIX4Dscan optimizes your flight time to capture images structured around assets for easier inspections.

drone flight app for industrial inspection

Faster visual inspections

Reviewing hundreds of images is tedious and inefficient. PIX4Dinspect is a better way to work.

PIX4Dinspect is an online platform for industrial inspection and asset management, helping to scale up your asset management while cutting down on manual work and improving results.

  • Measure in the office as accurately as in the field with photogrammetric reconstructions
  • Advanced analytics, automatic measurement and object recognition
online platform for industrial inspection and asset management

Pinpoint key areas in 3D and review in 2D

Use our features specially adapted for the Telecom industry to take control of your data by using both 2D and 3D data at the same time.

Locate areas of interest on the 3D model and inspect them on the linked 2D images, looking at the original image to get even more detail.

Use 2D and 3D data in sync

Automatic reports

Automate your industrial inspection reports so they include all the data about a site, as well as notes.

Make annotations and compile them along with comments, measurements, and potential issues identified by your team in a single report.

Share your reports with your colleagues, external contractors, and stakeholders with a single click.

automatic reports

Archive, organize, access and share inspection data

Big datasets present a big data management challenge.

Take control of your portfolio with PIX4Dinspect’s Asset Management platform. Save and share inspections and organize records by asset to stay aligned with your stakeholders.

PIX4Dinspect is always-scalable, and can grow with your company.

pin and map your assets

automating telecom inspections

Inspecting one of the biggest industrial sites with drones

FURAY and VEIKI-VNL moved away from a week-long manual inspection to a single morning automated inspection process using Pix4Dinspect

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Powerful tools for drone inspections

Pix4Dscan: drone flight planning app
Pix4Dscan logo

The professional drone flight app for industrial inspection.

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Pix4Dinspect industrial inspection
Pix4Dinspect logo

Automating industrial inspection and asset management.

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