HEA BLO CORP Digitalbau award 2022

viDoc RTK rover wins the Innovation Challenge at DigitalBAU!

Pix4D attended the event in Germany, where we were honored to accept the Innovation Challenge award for 2022!

Pix4D presented the viDoc RTK rover and its workflow with Pix4D software to demonstrate how it can be used for single point measurement, reality capture, vectorizing, documenting, and sharing 3D models of sites. Its unique workflow captured the public interest, which saw it become a finalist for the Innovation Challenge. A panel of judges then voted on the final candidates and Pix4D was declared a winner!

The DigitalBAU event, held in Cologne, Germany, is a trade show for digital solutions in construction. It attracts service providers and customers from across Europe and the wider globe who want to share ideas and solutions. The first DigitalBAU took place in 2020, and this year’s version took place between May 31 and June 2, 2022.

Pix4D’s Ryan Sweeney, the product manager for viDoc, was proud to accept the award. He said “We are so proud to have won this!"

"It’s great to receive recognition for the product, which we believe is a gamechanger in construction, especially as workflows move towards digitizing as-builts and needing geolocated records of utilities. We can’t wait to see where the viDoc will go next!” - Ryan Sweeney, Product Manager.
Pix4D viDoc at Digital Bau Innovation Challenge Pitch & Award 2022

The viDoc RTK rover is a handheld mobile scanner that connects to mobile devices. It is paired with the terrestrial reality capture app PIX4Dcatch. Together, they gather LiDAR and photogrammetry data that is tagged with RTK data to centimeter accuracy. The datasets can then be processed in Pix4D software such as PIX4Dmatic, PIX4Dmapper, or PIX4Dcloud, to create 3D models of the objects or sites being scanned. It has already seen success in modeling underground utilities, as well as creating 3D models for longterm records and historic restoration work. The value of an easily shareable, accurate 3D model is rising as modern technology innovates construction work.

ViDoc is currently on sale across North America, Europe, Australia, and certain parts of Asia. Customers can request demo days to see it in person from Pix4D teams or licensed resellers to understand how this handheld tool could make a difference in their every day workflows.

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