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Highlights of the Pix4D 2022 User Conference in Denver

Our 2022 User Conference in Denver was our first in-person event in the US since our 2019 event - see what happened!

We were so excited to host the User Conference in Denver again after three years away. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a mix of travel and health restrictions, our team has not hosted a physical event in Denver since our first conference. Here’s what happened at our 2022 event:

Welcome and insider talks by Pix4D

Our conference kicked off with a speech by our CEO and co-founder Christoph Strecha, and was then continued by our Regional Manager for the USA, Christopher Cressy. Christopher gave attendees an overview of Pix4D’s achievements so far and what’s to come. He also shared current deals and offers that are available to Pix4D users.

Pix4D’s own Ryan Sweeney and Tom Cerchiara then presented on the viDoc RTK rover’s accuracy. The handheld terrestrial surveying device was recently certified by Bureau Veritas for Class A measurements. Ryan and Tom explained how the device can be used for single point measurements and tested the accuracy by comparing viDoc data with tape measurements from an example scene. Their assessment of its accuracy showed how it could be used in industries ranging from construction to accident reconstructions in public safety.

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Our team were on-hand to answer questions during the event

Other sessions hosted by Pix4D speakers included a presentation on PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey by Holden Greene, one of our technical support agents. His presentation covered the applications of this software partnership, including how PIX4Dmatic can merge LiDAR and photogrammetry data from viDoc projects. Meanwhile, Andrea Dotti, head of Core Analytics at Pix4D’s HQ in Lausanne, shared how Pix4D products leverage machine learning and AI to automate processes, ranging from identifying manholes in PIX4Dsurvey to automatically recognizing and measuring assets on telecom towers.

Guest and sponsor presentations

The Pix4D User Conference in Denver was sponsored by Wingtra and the UAS Colorado Association. Both had booths at the event and shared their recent work and developments. Wingtra’s Peyton McCain spoke about mining applications with the WingtraOne, and how a company managing 4.5 million tons of lignite coal per year is using fixed-wing drone operations to streamline their workflows.

Pix4D sponsors were also on-site to talk to attendees

Alongside them, expert speakers from multiple industries shared their work. These included Joel Deis, of Ridgeline Engineering Company, explaining how telecom inspection and structural analysis can be completed with drones and PIX4Dinspect, whilst Jonathan Ellinger of S&F Land Services discussed how a fleet of drones and PIX4Dmapper, PIX4Dmatic, and PIX4Dsurvey are saving field crews time during traditional land surveys.

Guest panels were also hosted by Pix4D, covering topics on agriculture, smart construction, and public safety. Multiple guest speakers answered questions and discussed their experiences as well as expectations for the future.

Cross-industry networking and training

The conference was preceded by a sold-out day of training for PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey, giving attendees the chance to ask their questions in person and talk to our expert trainers.

IMA BLO CORP UC DENVER 2022 RoundUP Workshop
The PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey training workshop was sold-out at the Denver User Conference

Our trainers were also on-site during the conference itself for personal consultations to discuss the challenges users face in their respective industries and how they can leverage Pix4D solutions to solve problems.

The event ended with a networking tapas provided by the Curtis Hotel, the hosting venue, where professionals from across industries including public safety, agriculture, telecom, agriculture, and surveying, could share ideas and experiences. This element of the conference is something we have dearly missed over the past few years and we were glad to see so many faces in person!

What’s next?

Thank you to all those who attended the event, and a special shout out to our guest speakers and brilliant sponsors! This year Pix4D hosted User Conferences in Tokyo and Denver, and with another planned for Madrid in 2023, we are enjoying connecting with our users around the world.

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