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PIX4Dreact is a 2D fast-mapping software that creates maps from drone images in minutes without an internet connection. Designed to meet the needs of public safety and humanitarian aid professionals, we're offering a perpetual PIX4Dreact license, including 1 year of Support and Upgrades, for free to Non-profit Search & Rescue organizations.

Complete the form to declare that:

  1. The PIXDreact license will not be used for any commercial purposes and will only be used for emergency response or public safety measures.

  2. PIX4Dreact will not be re-sold by you or used for profit but as a safety tool aimed at helping to save and protect lives.

  3. You are entitled to one free PIX4Dreact license per organization.

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[eBook] Drones in public safety: the bigger picture

Drones are rapidly becoming a standard tool for public safety teams. This eBook shares workflows and examples for public safety and drones.

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