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2D and 3D as-built data delivered every day automatically with no site intervention needed. Get drone data without a drone.


Monthly subscription

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  • Automated data capture and transfer to PIX4Dcloud Advanced for processing.
  • Unlimited access to the PIX4Dcloud Advanced platform for data visualization.
  • CraneCamera system including:
    • Camera devices*
    • All necessary equipment such as power and network cables, router and mounting system
  • Shipping costs (excl. import costs)
  • Warranty for the duration of the subscription period.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager and access to support and knowledge base.

*The number of camera devices depends on the site and crane configuration - this number is determined by a coverage analysis carried out prior to the installation on site.

Please note the system does not include Internet access or 4D data plan subscription

Trusted by construction experts

"Pix4D CraneCamera is the safest solution we found so far for capturing aerial imagery to be turned into 2D and 3D. It’s definitely a great alternative to drones for construction projects."

Grant Hagen VDC Manager - The Beck Group

The Beck Group

"During our project, we found a misplaced scaffolding that could cause a lot of problems. I cannot imagine how we would discover this error so early without the CraneCamera."

Stijn Van Schaijk BIM Manager - VolkerWessels


"Monitoring the changes over time, day-to-day on the construction site, is very valuable and this alone justifies why we use this technology."

Kevin Grover UAS Operations Manager - Stantec


Frequently asked questions

What is the CraneCamera?

Pix4D’s CraneCamera is an automatic reality capture solution. The system relies on mobile connectivity, autonomous data capture and cloud-based data processing to deliver world-class 2D and 3D models of major building sites, multiple times per day.

Is the CraneCamera available for shipping in my country?

Please contact the Pix4D sales team to receive further information.

How does it work?

The CraneCamera consists of multiple camera devices that are mounted on tower crane jibs. They are entirely wired - powered from the crane cabin and connected via ethernet cables to a 4G router. Equipped with movement sensors and firmware, the system takes images automatically during normal crane operations either within preset capture window or on-demand. When enough data has been collected, it is automatically transferred to the PIX4Dcloud Advanced software for processing, and once processed results are securely displayed online on the PIX4Dcloud Advanced platform where you can use all included measurement and comparison tools.

How much does the CraneCamera system cost?

Pricing is based on a monthly subscription to the solution. For a monthly fee, users will receive the CraneCamera system (under full warranty). Contact us for full pricing information.

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