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Welcome to Pix4D Labs: your new thought leadership space

Welcome to Pix4D Labs - our brand new content series that focuses on the technical side of software development

In case you don’t know us already, hello! We’re Pix4D, a software and hardware developer with our HQ in Switzerland. We’ve also got offices in the USA, Spain, Germany, Romania, China, and Japan!

Pix4D develops software that can be used to measure distances, spaces, and volumes with imagery or LiDAR. Our products are used in a wide range of industries, from inspection, where we use AI to enhance telecom inspections based on drone imagery, to agriculture, where we analyze how plants reflect light to determine crop health analytics. Our other developments include the terrestrial scanning app PIX4Dcatch and our partnership with vigram, who create a mobile RTK rover called the viDoc that is used in construction, public safety, and more!

We want to share our research with you and what it’s like behind-the-scenes to produce specialized software. By sharing our processes, our successes, and our slightly less-than-successful endeavors, we want to showcase the work behind our products and share the achievements of our developers!

So, with that, welcome to Pix4D Labs! Here we will post content about software development and how specific features in our software/hardware work. If you have questions or are curious about what we do, get in touch via LinkedIn. Comment on our posts or send us a message to let us know what you think - maybe our next post could be about what you’re asking us!

Until then, check out our first articles for Pix4D Labs. Follow new releases on #PIX4DLABS!

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