Pix4D: mapping properties for real estate

Experience property in photorealistic 3D

Interactive 3D property showcase, created from images

Capture and recreate reality

Easily capture and model a property in 3D, purely from drone images.

Flexible input

Import images captured by any drone-mounted or handheld camera. Compact, DSLR, 360° cameras, from small to large frame and from consumer-grade to highly specialized cameras.

Flexible inputs

Automatic image capture

If you choose to use a drone, you can automate your image capture using PIX4Dcapture, our mobile flight-planning app. Design and control your flight to obtain images optimized for 3D modeling.

Automatic image capture

Collaborate, share and publish

Share your 3D models online with your clients and your team or embed them on your website. You can pinpoint important elements, add annotations, and make distance and surface measurements.

Share your 3D models online

Share the results

Take your 3D model and embed on your website, 3D print, or explore in virtual reality.

Create videos

With just a few clicks, you can create a dynamic fly-through video. Choose the viewing angles and define the path that better conveys the key features you want to highlight.

fly-through videos for real estate

immersive content

Create immersive content

You can import your 3D models into 3D & VR platforms to offer immersive virtual tours. This allows thousands of potential buyers to explore the same property simultaneously, from anywhere in the world.

3D print your projects

You can 3D print your projects. With a 3D printed scale model, you can offer your clients a unique, physical way to discover a property, and allow them to hold it in the palm of their hands.

3D print

Using drone mapping in real estate

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Photogrammetry software for professional drone mapping
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The leading photogrammetry software for professional drone mapping

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Drone data aerial imagery in construction
Pix4Dcloud: online platform for site progress tracking

Online platform for drone mapping, progress tracking, and site documentation.

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