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Welcome to Pix4D New Digital Twins Services

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object/asset, its capabilities, and its functionalities, that is fed with data in a digital way, regularly, or in real-time. Digital twins facilitate long-term asset management by predicting potential failures, preventing serious damages from occurring and optimizing its performance. Digital Twins enable predictions for faster, and more reliable decision-making. Digital Twins apply to a wide range of environments; Civil, Roads, Infrastructure, Buildings, Oil & Gas, Facilities – from small to big Modeling, Design, Refurbishment, Construction, Demolition, Operation, and Maintenance projects.

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The applications of Digital Twins include

Drone colision reconstruction

Long-term asset management

Object failure prediction

Object failure prediction

Damage prevention

Damage prevention

Bridge the gap between photogrammetry and CAD

Informed decision making

BIM model

What is BIM, and how is it part of Digital Twins?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a virtual representation of a physical object/asset that represents the interconnections, metadata, and functions of real-world building components. A BIM model is used to support new designs, ongoing construction and operations, and facilitating maintenance.

BIM models are used to communicate between architects, engineers, real estate developers, contractors, manufacturers, and owners. They help all stakeholders understand the lifecycle, accuracy, and completion of a project.

Benefits of BIM

Save time
Save time
ICON 360 Camera
Reduce costs
ICON 360 Camera
Simulate changes
ICON 360 Camera
Prepare what/if design scenarios
ICON 360 Camera
Risk analysis
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Why should you use BIM

  • Improved 2D and 3D visualization that includes floor plans, rebar detailing, production schedules.
  • Visualize layers of detail, from infrastructure (electrics, plumbing, etc) to simulated design and layout
  • Clash detection and intervention
  • Precise Bill of Quantities and materials take-off
  • Digital replica of reality with time-cost analysis options
  • Improved safety
  • Streamlined decision making
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Why choose Pix4D?

  • World leading technology: Pix4D is a market leader in image processing and 3D modeling

  • Results you can trust: Our Digital Construction Team has expert knowledge in BIM

  • Flexible outputs: Use your BIM model with third-party software thanks to its interoperability

  • An end to end solution with one sole partner, from data collection to BIM outputs

  • Quality assured: at Pix4D we do quality assurance at every single stage

What is Pix4D’s offer?
Meet Scan-to-BIM

Pix4D is providing a digital twin service integrated within its product ecosystem. The Digital Twin service will create BIM models with comprehensive detail that is optimized to individual project needs. We can convert point clouds to BIM and/or CAD-to-BIM. The geometric level of detail will be set to elod300, from which 2D and 3D CAD drawings and developing sheet templates can be created.

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The Scan-to-BIM button is built into PIX4Dinspect and PIX4Dcloud. Users with valid licenses can automatically request the service. Alternatively, request the service via our website or email digital_construction@pix4d.com.
Track progress with catch
Our specialized team will ask questions to get more details about your specific project needs. Help us understand the level of detail and what you will use your BIM model for so we can tailor our service to you.
Pause and continue
Get notified about the completion and availability of your BIM model, with detail level elod300. You can add your own future designs, upcoming changes, and track projects better. Visualize and extract CAD drawings, plan and prioritize work, and detect errors/clashes before they happen.
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Standard deliverables

  • BIM Execution Plan for each project (BEP)
  • BIM file formats: RVT, NWC, NWD, IFC
  • CAD file formats: DWG
  • Sample shop drawings
  • Adapted naming convention, ready for common data environment implementation
  • Reality capture data
  • Point clouds delivered in the open LAS format
  • Point clouds delivered in the RCP format
  • Images captured by drones (when applicable)

*Custom deliverables can be prepared upon request.

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The deliverables (including 3D BIM Model) to be provided by Pix4D to the Client as specified in the statement of work are based on the area delimited by the Client, the visible elements within the point clouds using Pix4D’s return of experience, photographs taken for the project, CAD drawings available, inclusion and exclusion elements, and the quality metrics described in the Pix4D point cloud quality report. The reality captured data to be provided by the Client to Pix4D for the execution and delivery of the deliverables shall be collected and created under the sole responsibility of the Client and in accordance with Pix4D's specific recommendations and general photogrammetry principles. The Client acknowledges that the point cloud results derived from reality captured data provided by the Client to Pix4D could alter the quality and precision of the BIM model if not collected and created in accordance with Pix4D's specific recommendations and photogrammetry principles. Pix4D shall in particular not be held liable for (i) the collection and creation of reality captured data, and (ii) any alteration in the BIM model resulting from reality captured data provided by the Client.