HEA BLO AGR Pix4Dfields 2.6 Release

PIX4Dfields 2.6: AMAZONE spot spraying maps, and more!

PIX4Dfields 2.6 brings you AMAZONE spot spraying maps, improved zonation workflow, and more!

Get your ready-to-use AMAZONE spot spraying map

Targeted Operations makes PIX4Dfields an all-in-one solution for your precision agriculture applications. The software provides you with customizable prescription maps that you can use directly with your agricultural machinery. Compatible with a variety of brands, PIX4Dfields now also offers you a spot spraying export format for AMAZONE sprayers, starting with the Amatron 4 displays.

IMG BLO AGR Pix4Dfields 2.6 Release 3
AmaTron 4 Spot-Spraying map in PIX4Dfields can be exported directly to the tractor’s terminal for targeted herbicide application

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Green-on-brown spot spraying simplified

Get the most out of your spot-spraying applications. How? Now you can work in a split screen, adjusting the threshold of the index layer while comparing it with the orthomosaic layer, which gives you a clear view of the vegetation to be treated. Know your exact agricultural input savings before even setting foot on the field. The precise definition of the parts of your field to be sprayed maximizes the efficiency and success of your application. Handles to adjust the minimum and maximum of the visible index range are helpful to mask out the soil faster and get the ideal threshold value!

2.6 histogram handles (1)
Index layer (left) and orthomosaic layer (right) in split view

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Live preview of your variable rate application maps

The latest update brings you the option to limit which cells will be used in your prescription map. This means you will be targeting exactly the areas on your field that have weed nests and therefore saving more money and agricultural inputs!

2.6 cell selection
Limiting the cells that are going to be used in the targeted spraying prescription map, based on the amount of visible vegetation index pixels per cell

PIX4Dfields now also allows you to instantly view the impact of your zonation settings! Live preview makes it easier to define where to apply fertilizer or any other agricultural input, saving you even more time.

live preview
Live preview of zonation settings in PIX4Dfields

Manual zone intervals also help you tweak the distribution of the application zone, based on existing models or knowledge!

IMG BLO AGR Pix4Dfields 2.6 Release 1 (1)
Tweak the distribution of the application zone in PIX4Dfields, based on existing models or knowledge

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PIX4Dfields now supports the Czech language!

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