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At Pix4D, we are shaping the future of drone mapping, photogrammetry, digitized reality, 3D modeling, and AI from images.

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Who we are

We are physicists, computer scientists, photogrammetrists, drone enthusiasts, geospatial experts and engineers — inspired to transform business through computer vision, machine learning, and photogrammetry.

At the heart of everything we do is our drive to evolve and improve. Our values fuel our creativity. It is how we solve problems — and it’s why we’re so successful.

Our roots are in academia and research and developing transformational software. Our passion is contagious.

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Pix4D Inspiring Careers

What it's like working at Pix4D?

Highly collaborative structure maximizes each person's expertise and creativity.
Prime locations
Prime locations
Lausanne, San Francisco, Denver, Shanghai, Berlin, Madrid, Tokyo.
Network of support
Network of support
Active work culture and support system that reaches beyond working hours.
Continuous developement
Continuous development
Career evolution with strategic internal and external training.
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What Pix4Ders say

“Pix4D is simply a great family composed by great people. A big multi-cultural team where everybody's contribution counts and where everybody is committed to push the technology to the next level. Challenging, rewarding and fun.”

Alexis, Head of Product in Madrid - Spain

“Working at Pix4D is one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. I have been given a platform to apply my existing skill set and help support an amazing product, while at the same time I am given the freedom to develop my abilities to grow and take on greater challenges.”

Holden, Technical Support Engineer in Denver - USA

“The pace at which Pix4D operates and at which the market develops are an incredible experience to live. Also, your work has a real impact on how professionals work around the world, and that matters.”

Pierangelo, Business Developer in Lausanne - Switzerland

“I am constantly learning something new, which can be challenging but at the same time extremely rewarding. Internal communications are open and active, allowing us to work efficiently. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome and when possible, positive changes are made very quickly. I work at the Japan office, and I’m so grateful that the entire team is there to support you, even from the other side of the world.”

Michino, Technical Sales Engineer - Japan

“Pix4D is the only place I've worked where most of my colleagues took jobs at the company because they truly loved and believed in the products we provide! There is a passion in the office for what we deliver and it shows with our great customer service and innovative offerings.”

Chelsea, Marketing Manager in San Francisco - USA

We are hiring!
Apply for positions in Switzerland, Germany, US, Spain, or China.