Water rescues thanks to drone mapping
“When people fall into water, we need to get them out.” Essex police use the latest technology in their work - including drone mapping.
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Why Pix4D loves surveyors (and surveyors love it back)
Hint: it’s all about quality.
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Drones take off in Ukraine's mining industry
In an effort to improve worker safety and boost efficiency, the largest mining company in Ukraine launched a first for the country: drones.
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‘Lots of pictures’: how to 3D model a complex structure
How can the most complicated project of a career also be the easiest to execute? The answer is good planning - and a lot of pictures.
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PwC's first drone stock audit completed 85% faster
Quality, efficiency - and drones. In a global first for the company, PwC UK has undertaken a stock count audit with drones and Pix4Dmapper.
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Drone mapping to improve lives in Zanzibar
As Zanzibar grows at an unprecedented rate, an initiative was launched to map the island for good.
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Calling a drone a drone: the etymology of an industry
Every industry has its own vocabulary and the geospatial industry is no exception. We explore the etymology of drone, nadir and more.
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A year of Pix4D Cloud updates
Pix4D Cloud has a refreshed UI and new capabilities making drone mapping more accessible and desirable than ever before.
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2D and 3D annotations synchronized on Pix4Dmapper Cloud
New Pix4Dmapper Cloud update: measurements and annotations created in 2D are also displayed in 3D. And vice versa.
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New Pix4Dmapper online course: processing options
Discover how to get the most out of Pix4D's powerful photogrammetry software with our new online course: processing options in Pix4Dmapper.
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A year in highlights from the Pix4D Agriculture team
In 2018 we grew the team, launched two products for agriculture and much more. We bring you a breakdown of Pix4D Agriculture highlights.
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Drones measure climate change’s impact on agriculture
Scouting, mapping or collecting data - drones are proving to be a vital tool in assessing and mitigating the effects of climate change.
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