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PIX4Dmatic 1.27: region of interest and brand new features

The first stable release of the year for PIX4Dmatic includes new calibration templates and pipelines, a region of interest and more!

PIX4Dmatic, our next-generation photogrammetry software for accurate and fast terrestrial, corridor and large scale mapping, has an exciting new update that brings many features and workflows to drastically improve the processing speed and quality of deliverables. With the new “Region of Interest (ROI)” tool, you can focus on the most important part of your project to save time and resources while getting cleaner results. The new updates also include new templates that improve the calibration according to the needs of your projects. In addition, you can now get existing, valuable features of PIX4Dmatic like autoGCPs with extended use and improvements!

Selecting a Region of Interest

In many cases, surveyors need relevant results and to ignore surrounding details, which is important for respecting local privacy laws. In all cases, professionals need to get results quickly and with optimized resource usage. PIX4Dmatic introduces the “Region of Interest”, a tool that allows users to delimit their target area and reduce the extent of outputs generated for a project. The Region of Interest can be as specific as a user chooses since PIX4Dmatic allows them to draw it in any shape and get the desired outputs. This feature drastically increases the processing speed, reduces the hardware required, and optimizes the storage needed for your project.

Region of interest with PIx4Dmatic
The Region of Interest is a brand new feature explained in-depth on the Pix4D Support website

Brand new calibration templates and pipelines

PIX4Dmatic is developing quickly and expanding its capabilities and applications so it now has new calibration templates and pipelines that increase the number and diversity of projects available. You can choose from a range of templates according to your mapping application and inputs. Whether it is a large area with images captured above the area of interest, an object with images captured around it, or even a flat area with low texture, the advanced algorithms of PIX4Dmatic ensure the optimized calibration for the project. Furthermore, users can can improve further their terrestrial workflow with fused LiDAR and photogrammetry point clouds, since among the new templates, PIX4Dmatic has a specialized one for PIX4Dcatch processing, for terrestrial images captured around the area or object of interest with PIX4Dcatch.

Further improved functionalities

Our teams are busy not only bringing you new features but also constantly improving PIX4Dmatic’s existing functionalities. One of the most important improvements is the densification results you can now have with noise and sky filters. The generated point clouds are now more sharp and clean. Also, the auto-mark feature was used for nadir projects, is now improved and can be used also for your oblique projects. In addition, our team improved significantly one of the most effective and useful features, the autoGCP tool and you can now detect automatically targets independent of their size.

Improved processing means better results and clearer point clouds

New densification with improved noise and sky filters that improves the quality of the point cloud for projects with oblique images

Previous densification with noise and sky filters that resulted in more noisy projects

This year is starting strong for PIX4Dmatic and we are very happy to see people from all over the world using it for their mapping projects! For this reason, we keep updating our extensive list of Geoid systems support, including the recently added Polish Geoid. In addition, you can find the last version supported in Chinese, English, French, Japanese, and Spanish. Finally, PIX4Dmatic now supports Monterey for macOS - further details are available on the Pix4D Training site.

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