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The benefits of being Pix4D certified Episode 3: Mexico

Raul Martinez, a Pix4D user of 3 years and the project leader of Proyectos de GPS y Geomática is the first Pix4D Certified User in Mexico.

By following this series you will learn some tips to successfully complete the certification program, to improve your Pix4D projects, as well as benchmark how other users are leveraging their Pix4D certification.

1. How long have you been using Pix4D software and UAV technology?

We have been working with UAV technology for about 3 years and a half, same time with Pix4D.

2. In your opinion, what are the key improvements that were added to the software since you started using it?

In my opinion, the features that have helped us for a better process are those oriented to the classification (and improvement) of point of cloud. 90% of our projects are oriented to obtain this type of information and having the possibility of generating a classification prior to the generation of the DTM is a great help for us.

3. In what projects are you integrating this technology?

Our company works in a wide variety of jobs, from open-pit mining, rail lines, roads, 3D modeling of monuments, raising of rivers, surveys to project GAS routes, water and light, modeling of zones archaeological among others.

4. How did Pix4D help you improve your workflows?

The fact of being able to build a property without the need to walk around it completely is an extremely big improvement. Going from being able to raise an average of 10-15 ha daily to 120 so without problems we can say that our work flow in the field has increased 1,000%. Economically, it also means it now takes 2-3 people instead of 5-6 people which impacts from salary issues to issues of travel, food and safety of staff.

5. How would you describe the certification to other users?

Well, in my experience is a very fun experience that reinforces things you should already know and at the same time learn some new things. You have access to specific documentation that guides you through all the information you need to understand the operation of the program and how to better use each feature of the program.

I hope that over time, the number of certifications that can be obtained will grow to generate a classification of suppliers with respect to the verifiable experience we have and our customers also have that confidence in knowing that we have them.

6. How do you plan to take advantage of your Pix4D certification?

Mainly, letting our clients know that we DO have certification and when they are hiring our services are backed with this certificate that we know our subject, so by carrying out projects with a certified company many problems can be avoided in the future.

Raúl Martínez

Experience: Pix4D user for 3 years Role: Project Manager Company: Proyectos de GPS y Geomática – Mexico

First Pix4D Certified user in Mexico: Ramirez

Learn tips to successfully complete the certification program, improve your Pix4D projects, and benchmark how others are leveraging leveraging their Pix4D certification.

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