Pix4Dfields webinar drone mapping for agriculture

[Webinar] Drone mapping in agriculture

Pix4D’s webinar, Drone Mapping for Agriculture, is now free to watch on demand.

Ahead of the commercial launch of Pix4Dfields, we shared a sneak peek of the new product in a public webinar. The live demo showcased the software’s processing speed, new features and how Pix4Dfields can be applied to an agricultural workflow.

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Pix4D’s Solution Manager for Agriculture, Jorge Fernandez, and Greg Crutisnger from Scholar Farms, discussed the ideology of Pix4Dfields and the importance of the science behind multispectral mapping, the connection with farming management platforms and how Pix4Dfields fits into the agricultural workflow.

What inspired Pix4Dfields?

Pix4Dfields was inspired by two observations:

  • The need to produce accurate, repeatable measurements of crop health.
  • The need to produce results efficiently and rapidly in the field, while performing more detailed analysis in the office.

Both of these factors are essential to support decision making of the farmer, agronomist or the breeder, and Pix4Dfields aims to provide the capability to solve this and other agricultural issues.

Because Pix4Dfields was designed with agricultural industry input, it will continue to evolve with the feedback from our users.

Pix4Dfields is available for both macOS and Windows and supports RGB, Parrot Sequoia and MicaSense RedEdge cameras*.

*awaiting latest firmware update

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