HEA AGR Pix4Dfields 1.5 Release

Pix4Dfields 1.5: Compare results, synced across devices

Achieve consistent and comparable results with Pix4Dfields 1.5 throughout the growing season and synchronize your projects between devices.

All crops change over time.

Understanding your crops’ natural rhythm can help you make the best decisions for seed placement, nutrition, and water or fertilizer application. Recording and comparing the changes can help you better understand your crop needs and prepare for the future.

That just got easier with the updated Pix4Dfields 1.5.

Radiometry in digital agriculture

Radiometrically correct values are useful for monitoring and assessment of crop conditions. When it comes to drones and sensors, radiometric correction is required to be able to compare images taken at different points in time, under different weather conditions and to compute reliable index values in the software.

Pix4Dfields 1.5 comes equipped with a new radiometry module which includes support for automatic target detection. Improve your data quality across flights, no matter the conditions.

Pix4Dfield’s radiometry module at a glance

Pix4Dfield’s radiometry module works seamlessly with your data. The results are optimized and improved when collecting drone data.

agriculture camera
radiometric calibration panel
Radiometry variablesCamera typeCalibration panel*Weather conditions
Optimize your results
This module is optimized for multispectral cameras: Parrot Sequoia and MicaSense cameras.
Calibrate your camera to measure the correct lighting conditions during capture.Fly in clear sky or overcast conditions, avoid scattered clouds where possible.
Benefit of the moduleAutomatic detection and radiometric processing based on the camera information provided.The software will automatically detect the panel images provided.

*also works with targetless workflow for Sequoia+ users.
Select your weather conditions during the processing of your data.

To learn more about the radiometric correction in the 1.5 update, visit our knowledge base.

Introducing data sync

When more than one stakeholder is involved, streamlined and effortless collaboration is essential. In precision agriculture, that collaboration usually happens between the stakeholders in-field and in-office.

Pix4Dfields 1.5 comes with data sync functionality which connects your projects across devices, taking your data from the field to the office.

Pix4Dfields Data Sync

As an example, when in-field data has been collected* you now have the option to sync the project when you are connected to the internet. In the office, another colleague can synchronize the desktop software and seamlessly access the project with the freshly-collected data from the field and continue with the in-depth analysis of the project.

To learn more about data sync workflows and how to use it in the 1.5 update, visit our knowledge base.

*Data sync between a tablet and desktop currently only available with ParrotFields.

Growing season

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Pix4Dfields continues to grow and evolve thanks to the feedback and support of our users. Look out for more great things over the coming months!

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