Quality meets speed in digital agriculture

Quality meets speed in digital agriculture

About the webinar

Agriculture is facing one of its biggest challenges - feeding more people, sustainably. Crops change over time and understanding their natural rhythm can help you make the best decisions for seed placement, nutrition, and water or fertilizer application. Using new technologies for recording and comparing these changes can help you better understand crop needs and prepare for the future.

By adding climate change to the equation, farms should find ways of increasing production while making sure to preserve the environment. So how to achieve the resource-efficient approach, be sustainable and still increase the farm profitability?

It’s a tough problem. So we've teamed up with some of the best in the industry.

In this free webinar, Pix4D, MicaSense and Indigo Ag presented the integrated solution for beneficial ag practices.

Key learnings

  • Why accurate data and fast processing matters in agriculture
  • Sustainability and The Terraton Initiative
  • Sensors and data quality requirements
  • Data processing and analysis technology
  • Data showcase


Andrew Newsum, IndigoDrew Baustian, MicaSenseNathan Stein, Pix4D
Andrew Newsum

Sensor Operations Manager
Indigo Ag
Drew Baustian

Business Development Manager
Nathan Stein

Business Development Manager

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