To the point: 3D point cloud on the Pix4D Cloud

Complex objects, such as industrial equipment and chimneys are difficult to recreate in 3D. Pix4D's point cloud on the cloud is the answer.

Point clouds are the simplest and most accurate way to represent the position of an object in a digital 3D environment. This simplicity makes them the most preferred 3D data representation type in diverse surveying and engineering projects.

From now on, you can view all the new projects you process on or upload to Pix4Dmapper Cloud and Pix4Dbim Cloud as point clouds. With the 3D point cloud viewer, visualizing and accurately measuring complex and large projects is easy.

Geolocated data in the cloud

Get the latitude, longitude, and elevation of each point. The point cloud viewer on Pix4D Cloud gives you access to geolocated data, with the exact 3D position of your markers

You can export the full 3D coordinates of the markers as .csv and GeoJSON files. You can also export the 3D position of the lines and polygons you drew in the 3D view as a GeoJSON file.

Screenshot showing the exact location of a single point.
Finding the exact location of a single point

Precise visual reference

The point cloud visualization offers you a precise visual reference that improves your clicking accuracy.

Adjust the size of the points and the density of the point cloud to gain even more control—ideal for pulling out precise measurements, drawing lines and polygons, or adding markers to pinpoint critical elements.

A screenshot showing how to adjust the point cloud density
Adjusting the point cloud density

Smooth display and navigation of large projects

Run through the dense point cloud without compromising browser performance. The level-of-detail (LOD) data structure enables smooth display and navigation and becomes particularly handy when working with large projects. You get better-defined detail as you zoom-in into the area of interest.

Discover the point cloud view on Pix4D Cloud | Dataset courtesy of Dandilion Air

Accurate reconstruction, flexible, in-depth visualization and contextual information

You need a simple photogrammetry workflow. We brought the core accuracy of Pix4D photogrammetry software to our cloud platform and we are building the tools to facilitate your work.

To give you in-depth visualization, we created the virtual inspection tool and to help you add contextual information to communicate your findings, we added a wealth of annotation tools.

To allow you to overlay plans on your 2D maps on Pix4Dbim cloud, we designed a New CAD Overlay tool. Learn more here.

Discover the Pix4D Cloud point cloud viewer
Ready to try out the new 3D point cloud features?

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