Drone Mapping for Construction

Pix4D Webinar Drone Mapping for Construction

How drones and photogrammetry are changing the world for construction and engineering firms of all sizes

About the webinar

For all construction companies, three dimensions matter: time, cost and quality. The introduction of drone mapping has changed aspects of site surveying and construction monitoring, making data collection easier, faster and especially cheaper. The 2D maps and 3D models generated from drone imagery not only provide an aerial view of your project, but they also include a rich set of data that you can measure and analyze.

In this free, on-demand webinar, we’ll explain how to start with drone mapping and how to use drone data to save money and shorten timelines.

Key learnings

  • Photogrammetry and drone mapping: how it works;
  • Drone mapping deliverables: how to retrieve powerful insights from drone data;
  • How to get started and achieve efficient drone mapping;
  • How to integrate drone data into your design and construction process.


Julian Norton Pix4D

Julian Norton

Business Development Manager,Pix4D
walter chomentowski MST

Harvey Jassal

Innovation & Technology Manager,Costain