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Pix4D Crane Camera solution - a fully autonomous alternative to drones

Webinar for construction monitoring. Learn how to get drone data without drone

Why the Crane Camera solution can be a great alternative to drones in construction

About the webinar

Flying drones isn’t always easy in construction. Before taking off, you have to obtain flight permission, find a pilot, and of course, check the weather forecast. All that requires a proper planning and something as simple as a rainshower can throw off the entire project.

Or what if you need to fly drones in a congested area? That’s not safe - and often not allowed. The Pix4D Crane Camera can collect aerial data without a drone.

The Crane Camera solution works autonomously without needing to fly and in any weather. You only need a crane to get high-quality data, every day.

In this webinar, Pix4D and VolkerWessels have teamed up to present the Crane Camera solution and explain how VolkerWessels used it in a tight downtown project to track project progress, schedule material deliveries and identify build errors to prevent costly rework and potential project delays.

Key learnings:

  • Why the Crane Camera can be a great alternative to drones in construction
  • The applications of the Crane Camera;
  • How to use and integrate the deliverables into your construction/BIM workflows;
  • How VolkerWessels are using the Crane Camera solution on their construction projects to monitor the jobsite progress and identify build errors;
  • How the Crane Camera helped the team avoid a common and potentially costly error.

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Julian Norton, Business Development Manager at Pix4D

Julian Norton

Business Development Manager
Stijn van Schaijk, BIM Manager at VolkerWessels

Stijn van Schaijk

BIM Manager