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Free ebook: Pushing the limits of construction monitoring with the Crane Camera

The construction industry is facing many challenges. Can the solution be a tool for daily construction monitoring delivering drone data automatically?

The construction industry as every other industry has its challenges. Rework can take up to 28% of a project’s profit. But how can rework be avoided?

Surveying construction projects is another challenge - traditional surveying, laser scanners have their pros and cons. And so do drones.

In this ebook, we discuss the most common industry challenges, and a possible solution to overcome them - the CraneCamera, a smart tool for daily project monitoring.

Download this ebook to learn about:

  • Rework in construction - and why it’s 28% of the problem
  • How surveying lays the foundations for a successful project
  • That drones are flying cameras - not magic bullets
  • How to get drone data without a drone: Pix4D Crane Camera solution
    • How does the CraneCamera work
    • What you can do with CraneCamera data
    • Practical, real-world use cases