The challenges of surveying large areas

Explore the challenges of capturing and processing large datasets and how to optimize your workflows

Going beyond limits

Meet Pix4Dsurvey 1.10:
A new era for vectorization

The latest Pix4Dsurvey release brings a plethora of updated and new functionalities, meant to support you in your surveying workflows.

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airport field

No planes? No problem. Surveying an old airfield

Learn how Pix4Dsurvey helped the Atlantic City Office of Emergency Management survey the entire site of Bader Field and provide actionable information.

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coal plants

Discover Pix4Dmatic 1.11:
Improve your workflows

The latest Pix4Dmatic release brings an excess number of new functionalities, meant to improve your large project mapping.

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Surpass any challenge
Unlock the potential of drone mapping with Pix4D software