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Stable version
  • Volume measurements:
    • Measure volume between point cloud and a base.
    • Export to LandXML format.
    • Volume report in .csv format
    • Create volume from Polyline or Polygon selection.
  • Add and remove points from Selection set which is now partially transparent.
  • Invert selection option, to select all the unselected elements.
  • Import of PIX4Dcatch projects created in PIX4Dmatic, including the dense, depth and fused point cloud.
  • Import GeoJSON and Shapefiles (ability to change coordinate system).
  • Convert coordinate system of a project.
  • Imported point clouds use the selected global point cloud size.
  • Updated viewport layouts which are being saved.
  • Available in Spanish language.

See release notes
Preview version
Documentation and support are not available
  • Contour lines, with selectable interval, color and export in different file types.
  • Net and Total volume included in the volume measurements.
  • Edit object names.
See release notes
Example dataset

If you don't have a dataset yet, we have you covered. Download an example dataset and start vectorizing with PIX4Dsurvey.

  • Option 1: Combination of PIX4Dmapper project and terrestrial laser scans
  • Option 2: Suburban area

Get a dataset

Recommended computer specifications

Required operating system
Operating system
• Windows 10 (64 bit) • MacOS 10.14 or above
• Quad-core or hexa-core Intel i7/ i9/ Xeon, AMD Threadripper. • 32GB RAM (or more)
Hard disk
Hard disk
• Solid state drive (SSD)
• GeForce GPU compatible with OpenGL 4.1
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