Drone image of a coastline
Mapping clifftop hazards and coastal erosion
As the climate changes, so do coastlines. Photogrammetry can highlight the extent of the issue, giving communities the chance to prepare.
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Aerial map of a refugee camp
Reducing risk: mapping the world’s largest refugee camp
High-resolution up-to-date maps help prevent and mitigate disasters for half a million residents of the world’s largest refugee camp.
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Pix4D Crane Camera mapping for construction monitoring
Paving the way with automated as-built reports
For many construction firms, there is simply no way to avoid rework. For Barnhill Contracting Company, the solution is called Crane Camera.
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Pix4D Fusion Hero
Introducing Pix4D Fusion
Meet Pix4D Fusion: a flexible membership program for end-to-end agricultural drone mapping solutions.
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Pix4D User Conference 2019
Pix4D User Conference early bird tickets on sale now!
Join other Pix4D users, drone enthusiasts and GIS-perts in Denver for two days of talking about tech that’s changing the world. Register now
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Pix4DFields 1 4 release blog header 1 4
Pix4Dfields 1.4 - a new season of digital farming
In agriculture, stakes are high and innovation is faster than ever. Precision farming software Pix4Dfields 1.4 is here for the new season.
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Measuring from a tight area - HERO
Crane Camera: maximizing space in a constricted area
Planning and monitoring construction projects in tight urban areas is a challenge. That’s why The Beck Group relies on the Crane Camera.
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HEA BLO AG precision-farming-drone-mapping
Cheers to precision farming: drone mapping a hop field
As revelers raise their glasses for St Patrick’s day, hop growers are refining more efficient techniques with drone mapping.
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Pix4D Agriculture Roadshow hero1
Revolutionizing farming with new agricultural tech
Precision agriculture is all about data. That includes sharing experiences of utilizing the new technologies for a better tomorrow.
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Free webinar: processing Large datasets in Pix4D photogrammetry software
Pushing the limits: mapping large areas with drones
Join us for a free webinar on processing unusually large datasets - over 150,000 images!
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Mapping the Kilauea volcanic eruption with drones
As lava flowed through Hawaii’s big island, drones and Pix4D helped map the disaster in minutes.
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HEA BLO EMR water-rescue-drone-mapping
Water rescues thanks to drone mapping
“When people fall into water, we need to get them out.” Essex police use the latest technology in their work - including drone mapping.
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