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Pix4D announces User Conference in Tokyo in June 2022

Pix4D will be hosting its first in-person event in the APAC region on June 24th.

Pix4D is organizing its first ever User Conference in Tokyo. The event will take place on the 24th of June, 2022, in Shibuya. The aim of the conference is to gather Pix4D employees, customers, and industry enthusiasts to share ideas, knowledge, and network. The conference is open to anyone interested in photogrammetry or Pix4D to attend, regardless of experience level. The event will not be recorded or live-streamed, and will take place entirely in Japanese.

The Tokyo User Conference will be opened with a speech from Pix4D CEO and co-founder Christoph Strecha. The attendees will experience a live demo of the viDoc RTK rover, which has just been launched in Japan. Aside from seeing this handheld single-point scanner at work, attendees will hear about how terrestrial scanning can be used to complement drone images in many industries. Guest speakers include experts ranging from agricultural research to bridge inspections. There will also be a networking lunch and interactive sessions for attendees to share their own experiences and advice.

The first Pix4D User Conference was held in Denver, Colorado in 2019 and saw people from around the world attend to discuss their work and discover new Pix4D products. Due to the COVID pandemic, the event did not take place again until 2021, when it was a 24-hour live streamed meeting. The 2021 Virtual User Conference was well attended but the intention for Pix4D has always been to return to in-person opportunities to facilitate face-to-face networking and discussions. In addition to the meeting in Tokyo, Pix4D will be hosting further User Conference events in 2022 in Denver and Madrid.

“Following the return of in-person events, we are excited to host this conference in Tokyo for the first time. We are organizing opportunities for attendees to present their own experiences as well as to announce the latest news from Pix4D and share our vision for the future,” Matteo Gismondi, regional director for Pix4D

Attendees can register on the Pix4D website to attend, with a discounted price available to anyone who registers before the end of May 2022. The cost for access to the conference will include entry to the sessions, food and beverages, and a certificate of attendance. In addition, attendees will receive a 20% discount off an upcoming in-person PIX4Dmapper workshop in July. The Pix4D Tokyo User Conference will be a networking and industry event to support professionals and enthusiasts in the region.

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