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[Webinar] Instant processing using Pix4Dfields

Our webinar: instant processing and more - using Pix4Dfields and RedEdge for in-field insights, is now free to watch on demand.

Pix4Dfields brings the DSM generation & color scheme, improved orthomosaics and color-balancing, and improved RedEdge processing, just to name a few.

We partnered with MicaSense to demo the latest Pix4Dfields version and how it works live when processing RedEdge data.

Pix4D’s Jorge Fernandez and Robert Parker from MicaSense, discussed capabilities of the RedEdge-M sensor and the ideology behind Pix4Dfields. Live demo showed the Pix4Dfields processing speed using the RedEdge data and the analysis and interpretation tools Pix4Dfields offers, including comparison, vegetation indices, zonation and prescription mapping tools.

During the webinar there were a lot of interesting questions raised, so we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for them, and to refer you to our FAQ page where we addressed all of the ones which haven’t been answered already.

We have been developing, updating and implementing features based on feedback from users like you. So we would like to encourage you to continue attending our webinars and to try out Pix4Dfields. We’re committed to constant development so you can expect updates in Pix4Dfields that will translate into better decision making catered for agriculture.

If you would like to stay up to date with Pix4Dfields updates and new feature releases you can join our Pix4D Agriculture Newsletter.

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