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What to expect from the Pix4D 2021 Virtual User Conference

The Pix4D User Conference is going to last 24 hours with insights, presentations, and discussions from all over the world. Don’t miss out!

We have not been able to share new projects, ideas, and insights in person with our global community of users for almost two years. After all this, we decided we wanted to have a chance to gather again in a way that was Covid safe but still international. Enter the Pix4D User Conference 2021: From the Ground Up. This event will explore all the ways photogrammetry is making a difference in profressional projects, from mobile devices to light aircraft - from the ground to the sky! Where the 2019 User Conference was spread over two days in Denver, this one is entirely online and spans 24 consecutive hours. The 2021 event will feature guest speakers, product demos, updates, and much more. We’re going to talk about photogrammetry and all the ways to use it, from the ground up!

What to expect?

The users are what make Pix4D special. It’s the incredible work achieved by our users around the world that inspires our teams to create new tools and products to make those projects a bit easier. The 2021 Pix4D User Conference is a time for all users to gather and share ideas, experiences, and stories. Expert users from around the globe will present on how they use Pix4D products to complete projects in a range of industries including public safety, inspection, agriculture, and surveying. There will be the chance for live Q and As at the end of talks too, so that you can ask presenters about their experience and what they think outside of what they talked about. Take advantage of hearing from experts!

Here are just a few of our guest speakers:

Rida Klink on the Beirut crisis

Mapping the Beirut crisis

Hear how the Beirut explosion was mapped using PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dcloud for disaster response
Martin Merkhommer Quantum Systems speech

The biggest single surveying project

Quantum Systems' Martin Merkhommer explains how he worked with Wilderness International to map the Amazon rainforest in one of the biggest ever single datasets processed in PIX4Dmatic - 30,000 images!
Inspecting tower inspections

Professional tower inspections

How accurate, digital twins are being used to manage cell towers by Motorola to manage assets at scale.

Aside from the talks by professional users, we will also have sessions led by the product owners and managers at Pix4D to share the latest insights and developments of their products. Find out where PIX4Dmatic is headed, or how PIX4Dfields is changing the way farmers treat their fields, and so much more. The Training team will host a session on “Lessons learnt the hard way”, where they will share the common mistakes and miscalculations made by other users - see if you can pick up some new tips and tricks.

Quiz with prizes!

Finally, there will be the Pix4D Speed Quiz! Test your knowledge and see how you compare with your fellow users and colleagues. Use this session as a fun break between the informative talks. The prizes include free yearly licenses for Pix4D products - don’t miss your chance to win!

How will the online conference work?

The Pix4D User Conference 2021 is being hosted on the SpotMe platform. Register now and you will receive the access link a few days before the event. We will notify you when the platform is open so you can start bookmarking your favourite sessions and build up your agenda, and have a look at our sponsors' virtual booths. Use your Pix4D account email address and register for free.

The event takes place over 24 consecutive hours, with sessions happening throughout the days for different timezones. Sessions will be recorded and made available for all registrants after the event, so if the scheduled slot for a talk doesn’t suit your timezone, you can always catch up afterward.

The Conference will be opened at 10:00 am CEST with the opening keynote speeches by the Pix4D CEO and co-founder Christoph Strecha, along with Cloud Platform Development Manager Jeff Muller and a note about available products and promotional sales from the Chief Commercial Officer Lorenzo Martelletti.

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