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10 years of Pix4D: a celebration, and a new logo

As Pix4D celebrates its 10 year anniversary, we are unveiling a new logo for the next stage of development.

Today is one of the most exciting days in Pix4D history: it’s our 10 year anniversary. For an incredible decade, we have been at the forefront of photogrammetry, creating and providing software that empowers tens of thousands of users around the world to gather data and generate 3D models using images captured by drone, plane, or hand.

Pix4D started in 2011, emerging out of the EPFL, one of the best technical universities in the world. Beginning with just one product, Pix4UAV, Pix4D recognized and took advantage of the amazing capabilities of using drones and UAVs in combination with photogrammetry to push the limits of professional surveying.

model of Matterhorn
A ground-breaking model of the Matterhorn
volcano erruption in Hawaii
Mapping an erupting volcano and lava streams in Hawaii
launching a fixed-wing drone
Getting details about individual crops in the field

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Now, 10 years later, Pix4D has 14 different products that range from surveying to agriculture, public safety, inspection, and construction. In 2020 alone, we released 5 exciting new products for our clients. We work alongside our customers and drone providers to challenge the limits of what is possible with photogrammetry and UAVs. Newer products, such as PIX4Dsurvey or PIX4Dcatch, move beyond working with drones to handheld devices and hardware too. Our software is compatible with dozens of drones and applicable in hundreds of industries, making work easier, faster, and better for our community.

Pix4D: A new look after 10 years

Animated gif of the logo changing
A new look for Pix4D

Pix4D started with just one software coming from our first office in Lausanne, Switzerland. Now, with a unique and comprehensive product portfolio, 10 years of experience, and new offices in Denver, Madrid, Berlin, Shanghai, and Tokyo, Pix4D is excited to move on to the next decade of innovation. With that, we want to introduce a new logo.
Pix4D new logo in green with a blue background
Pix4D after 10 years

This new logo reflects our capacity to innovate and expand our product range to meet the critical needs of our customers. We are so much more than a one-product wonder, but an established name in the industry with top-quality services and support, and reliable results. Pix4D is continuing to grow and we wanted a new logo that could reflect our expanding portfolio.

We are excited about our next projects in innovating the photogrammetry world and want to share our progress with you. Keep up to date with our blog, newsletters, and social media to see our latest product releases, user projects, and webinars.

"Thank you for working with us and being at the forefront of photogrammetry technology over the last 10 years." - Christoph Strecha

Christoph Strecha, CEO and co-founder of Pix4D, says this to our users, both old and new: “Thank you for working with us and being at the forefront of photogrammetry technology over the last 10 years. We’ve changed the face of what we thought was possible and surveyed bigger, better, and faster than we ever have before. After a decade of hard work and research, we look forward to growing and evolving together for the next 10 years.”

Pix4D product portfolio with logos and names
This new logo seamlessly connects to all of our products and represents the diversity of our portfolio and users.

Are you curious about the rebranding design and process? Check out our more detailed article on Medium.

Pix4D measure from images

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