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PIX4Dcloud's powerful and improved new 3D maps pipeline

PIX4Dcloud’s latest pipeline, 3D maps, brings advanced accuracy, faster processing, and more detail!

Exciting news for all PIX4Dcloud users! PIX4Dcloud, our cloud-based photogrammetry platform, has recently upgraded the 3D maps processing pipeline. Let's delve into what this means for your projects and how these advancements can improve your workflow.

What to expect from the new 3D maps pipeline

Faster and more powerful

The new engine significantly reduces processing time and handles bigger projects effortlessly.
New 3D maps pipeline Wingtra dataset
Project with 3951 images of 42 MP processed on the new 3D maps pipeline.
This project was provided by W+H AG and Wingtra AG

Improved mesh construction and texture quality

Enhanced mesh construction and texture quality, especially noticeable in urban areas and flat, low-texture zones.

More detailed point clouds

Challenging areas like façades, cables, and signage are now rendered with more detailed point clouds, offering richer and more accurate representations.

Support for vertical coordinate systems and geoid models

expanding compatibility and accuracy in georeferenced data processing.

Optimized for nadir flights

For the best results with nadir imagery, the new pipeline is your go-to option. For oblique imagery consider using 3D models pipeline and for low-texture areas like vegetation consider using 3D maps with the legacy pipeline or 2D orthomosaic instead.

Key considerations

Compatibility with PIX4Dmapper: while the new pipeline brings numerous advantages, it's important to note that downloading and opening projects in PIX4Dmapper is not supported with this update. If this is a requirement, you can revert to the legacy pipeline by checking the "PIX4Dmapper compatibility" box.

Updated quality reports: The quality report for projects processed in the new pipeline differs from the legacy pipeline's quality report, providing a distinct format and metrics tailored to the new system.

AutoGCP reports: please note that the AutoGCP report will not be available with projects processed using the new pipeline.

A leap forward for PIX4Dcloud

This upgrade marks a significant leap forward for PIX4Dcloud, ensuring our commitment to providing state-of-the-art tools for professionals in various industries. With these enhancements, elevate the precision, efficiency, and scope of your projects.

For a deeper understanding of these changes, refer to our detailed support article.

Experience the power of PIX4Dcloud's new 3D maps processing engine
Start your project today and discover a world where efficiency and accuracy go hand in hand!

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